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The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
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Feb 02, 11

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Read in February, 2011

...What an unfortunately named protagonist. Grace Divine? Really now?

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book. I didn't hear much about it and I just picked it up and decided to give it a read for no real reason other than it's a paranormal YA book. However, from the start, it reads rather juvenile and it doesn't bring anything new to the genre. Good girl? Yup. Bad boy (but not really)? Yup. Family secrets? Yup. It was basically the same old storyline trotted out and repeated ad naseum, with a tired cast of characters. If the author had brought something new into the plot or at least made the characters more engaging I would have liked it a lot more than I did (because, well, I like cliches when they're well done. Here? Yeah, no).

I know Grace is the child of a pastor, but must she be so... stereotypical and weak? Her naivete grates like fingernails on a chalk board and at times I wanted to pick her up and shake her. Admittedly, the religion slant is irritating as well, mostly in how the author writes it than anything else.

And the way the book breaks up into sections is highly annoying. Each section is preceded by a description of 'three years ago', 'later that morning', 'dinner' and so on. Is it really that hard to work that into the first paragraph of the section in a way that doesn't break up the flow? It feels like the author was making an outline and instead of melding everything together, looked at her sections and went, "I guess that could work."

I hit halfway through the book and gave up actively trying to read it for skimming. The book is shallow, and not in a fun way. The way Grace wavers so much about Daniel and her brother and whatever else makes me want to chuck things at her. The ending does pick up a bit (it's the climax, it's supposed to pick up), but not so much as to make up for the dreck that came before. Overall 1 star.

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