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A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
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Jul 06, 11

it was ok
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Read from June 25 to 30, 2011

Skye is changing. When she's upset or emotional, her grey eyes become silver. And sometimes she can make heaters get really hot. Maybe it has something to do with the new boys at school. Asher is dark and playful while Devin is blond and polite. Very quickly, Skye thinks she feels something for Asher, which is weird because she hasn't felt anything special for a boy since dating Jordan. Also weird? Skye may be feeling something for Devin, too. Why wouldn't she? Devin is shy, quiet and kind; so unlike Asher who flirts with anything in a dress and can't hold a serious conversation.

Done well, any story can be enjoyable, including another story about two "boys" at odds and the girl they are supposed to protect. But so many paranormal teen novels read like paint-by-number books these days. Two beautiful boys appear and seem to only have eyes for our heroine. Our heroine is attracted to the seemingly dangerous one because, well, dangerous boys are more interesting than shy polite ones. And then, the Big Reveal is, well, revealed, and we learn our heroine has powers and the boys aren't who they appear to be. Actually, I don't have a problem with that. I like when the gorgeous new boy only has eyes for the narrator of the book I'm reading; sometimes I like when there are two of them. But most of the time the writing is unsubtle and unsatisfying and the characters do everything you expect them to do because you've read it all before.

I rolled my eyes at the fact that Skye is an orphan being taken care of by her "aunt" who conveniently has a job that takes her away from home for several days at a time. But if you're going to write a character that has little to no adult supervision at home, please let those gorgeous boys visit her at that empty house a lot. What's the point, otherwise? One party doesn't cut it.

Skye has three close friends who are portrayed well in the book. Cassie is fun and it's so obvious who she's in love with that I lost patience with Skye very early on when she didn't figure it out. Ian was kind of pathetic with his unrequited love for Skye, but I liked him and was rooting for him to find someone he could love.

There's an admittedly adorable snowball fight between Skye and Devin at one point in the book and the scene made me wish Devin had been a little more interesting earlier on. The snowball fight takes place just a few pages after Skye has decided she thinks she's falling for Asher, but during the fight she finds herself wanting to fall into Devin's incredible blue eyes. I can't say falling for two boys at once is unbelievable, but it does make a character who is already lacking in originality seem even more unoriginal. I wanted Skye to do or feel something I hadn't already expected her to do or feel. (view spoiler)

One of my biggest issues lately is when a narrator ignores a warning that the reader has long before figured out is a legitimate warning, and is then shocked when the warning turns out to be true. This happens in A Beautiful Dark and it was at this point I knew my rating couldn't be more than 2 stars, no matter how the book ended.

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Emily Your review is so spot on! Loved reading it! Wish I read it before I checked the book out but alas I was desperate to read a new book.. and sadly once I started I needed to know how it turned out no matter how awfull :/ Will you be reading the next one by chance? I'd rather avoid the pain if I can but my curiosity is a shrew. lol

Midnite Emily wrote: "Your review is so spot on! Loved reading it! Wish I read it before I checked the book out but alas I was desperate to read a new book.. and sadly once I started I needed to know how it turned out n..."
Thanks! That always happens to me - I buy a book before I see the reviews, and then I really regret it. I'm sure I won't read the next one. I'm not that interested in Skye or Devin or Asher anymore. The cover is beautiful though.

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