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Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher
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Feb 02, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read in February, 2011

Unfortunately for me, my library (for reasons unknown) does not have the seventh book in the Dresden Files. I know that some people like to skip around in a series; some are perfectly content with starting in the middle and then jumping around, but personally, I love to read a series start to finish, and if I feel like I'm missing some sort of background information on a book that I just started, I'll research to see if there's one that came before it, and then stop reading until I can do it in order. So it kind of really bothered me when I couldn't read Dead Beat, because when the characters referenced what happened in it, I felt lost, and the sudden jump to Harry being a Warden felt strange. So, already in the book, I felt like something was missing. And I know that this isn't Jim Butcher's fault, but I couldn't get rid of that feeling as I read.
Provel Guilty starts with the execution of a young Warlock. The harsh situation strikes a cord with Dresden, and he is left unsatisfied with how the boy's fate was resolved. As always, he has an innate sense of rebellion against authority figures, such as the Merlin of the White Council. Harry then recieves a tip that there is, surprise, dark magic afoot in Chicago. Soon after, he recieves a desperate call from Molly, the daughter of Michael, whose boyfriend is in jail. Molly and her boyfriend are connected with Splattercon!!!, a horror movie convention, where strange and horrifying deaths are occuring as the awful characters of the movies come to life and massacre people. So, Harry is trying to figure that out.
He is also getting stuck in the middle of the war between the Red Council and the White Council, and he wants the fairies to come and help, but the Winter Court is being stupid, and Mab is going nuts (what else is new?) and Summer would like to help, but they can't leave themselves exposed. So, of course, it's up to Harry to decide the fate of everything.
These books are fun. They're always full of intrigue and excitement, but the stakes are always higher and the situations keep getting stranger and more complicated/unrealistic. And I realize that a story about wizards and faeries is always going to be unreailstic, but you know what I mean. There was also one little thing that bothered me. Scratch that. One little thing and one slightly bigger thing. The first; Harry constantly referred to Thomas as 'my brother'. So he would be narrating a fight scene and be like, 'and then my brother leaped over the dragon with his sword in his hand' and it kind of annoyed me, because A) you didn't even know that you were brothers for most of your life and B)even people who have grown up as siblings their whole life refer to each other by name, especially when it's quicker and easier to say Thomas than it is to say my brother. The other thing was the grossness of description about Molly. In the same sentence, Dresden would be reminding himself about how he knew her as a little girl and then wonder where else she had secret piercings or generally oggle her super mega foxy physique. She's seventeeen. That's illegal and gross. I don't care that nothing happened. It was still skeevy.

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