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When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer
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Feb 02, 11

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** In order to understand the hostility between Molly and Harry, you have to read the prologue. At age 13, Molly thought herself in love with her sister's fiance and Harry's brother. When Molly brought to light via a love poem about her sister and Harry's indiscretion, Molly and Harry were the ones deemed trouble makers and both were sent away blaming and hating each other. The meat of story starts years later. Harry was done with the military and Molly was in the process of running off to Gretna Green to elope with her father's assistant, Cedric. But, in a strange turn of events, Cedric ran off with Harry's mistress leaving both Harry and Molly out in the middle of nowhere and in an unfortunate predicament.

Harry needed a mistress to attend the Most Delectable Companion contest held out in the country. The contest was Prinny's, the Prince Regent, brilliant idea of entertainment. If Harry showed up without a mistress, he would forfeit and would be required to marry within a months time. Harry had no desire of marriage. However, the winning bachelor would have a year free of any marriage commitments, no matter his indiscretions... another words- a rakehell's dream. Molly however, was a dreamer. She hoped that one day, her knight in shining armor would come and whisk her away and live happily ever after. She wanted to marry and have kids. But unfortunately, she was abandon and had no way of returning home. So a deal was hatched and agreed upon. Molly would pretend to be his "fake mistress" for one week and Harry would provide her with transportation home and help her find a suitable husband.

I loved that Molly was spunky and while she was innocent, she was far from ignorant. Harry and his Impossible Bachelor club had put the mistresses through some unusual challenges. For example, the woman were to compete in a potato sack race...only it wasn't who was suppose to cross the finishing line was whose boobs bounced most. Men! The other mistresses appeared not to be bothered by the challenges, but Molly was, so much so, it brought suspicion. But, she used her sharp wit and intellect to find ways around the challenges and the suspicions. I loved that while she was uncomfortable, she managed to have the courage to confront the other mistresses. The thing about Molly was not that she was impulsive, charming, and intelligent, she was just plain infectious. She brought out the best in people and they liked her for it.

I liked Harry, he balanced Molly's whimsical and carefree innocence with practical reasoning and experience. However, as an individual, I would have liked to seen more depth and perhaps more fire to his character. Although there were moments, I questioned Harry's judgement mostly in regards to the challenges, I did think he was a honorable man or at least tried to be.

The chemistry between Harry and Molly was exhilarating. I had no doubt, I was reading with a smile on my face and had random burst of laughter. The back and forth banter, the flying insults, and the one-uppers was highly entertaining. It is said, there is a fine line between love and hate. I enjoyed watching the relationship between these two grow from loathing to loving..

The supporting characters were fun to read. Although, I confess, I thought the females overshadowed the men. The author gave the mistresses more personality and depth. I found them to be much more engaging. The men seemed to be a little stiff in the personality department and only shined when the women were around. The villain of the story had me questioning if he truly was one...apparently he had cause for hating Harry... However, it was his abusiveness that sealed his role as villain for me.

Overall, this was a light-hearted and delightful read. While the premise is a little silly, the writing was seasoned and the characters engaging. This debut novel was filled with wit, hi jinks, and sexual tension and was a wonderful start to a fun and entertaining historical romance series.

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