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Die Herren von Winterfell by George R.R. Martin
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Aug 12, 11

liked it
Recommended for: some fantasy fans with tendencies courtly surroundigs and plots
Read from June 15 to July 12, 2011

It was quite nice to read, but I must admit, it is and will not become one of my favorite books. I read it, and was entertained, yet I was annoyed of characters stupid choices all too often. The twist the plot takes is often exactly in the direction, that you do not want it to go. But that's maybe what keeps you reading, though it is a annoyed, and how will they even deal with it, it's plain stupid, reading, to find out and run it down again. :P
Especially, well, irritating: the world is quite medieval, so the characters think like back then, or how you would think they do. They do not treat bastards well and woman have tons of old fashioned duties and few rights, yet the author breaks his own rules and only the main characters are of strong enough will to overcome it. It makes thy story somehow unbelievable and illogical.
There are plenty of names, characters and locations at the beginning, it's hard to keep track of who's who and what's what...

Though the book is set in a fantastic and yet magical world, all of the magic seems to have died out, but behind a great black wall, there lies forbidden country and evil arises again. Still you do only get to see it in hints and it's not even the core or main threat of the book.
The story itself reveals around a duke (I think he was a duke) and his family, saying: wife, kids and bastard son. They have to deal with an unbelievable long winter, that's to begin and my stay for years (his kids, even 16 years old, don't remember winter and are called kids of summer). Later on, his family will be dragged into corruption and intrigues at the royal court and that's the point when the story starts to really annoy you, just because things go so wrong. You don't have the feeling that the characters can change their destiny, you feel like things keep just happening to them and that's it.

Still, after all this babbling about how annoying it was, I still read it. It had it's nice relations between characters too and there are parts you can really enjoy. Still I couldn't just go on to the second book, and I still don't feel like going on. Maybe you should see for yourself and decide, if you find it annoying or not.

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