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A Perfect Darkness by Jaime Rush
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Feb 02, 2011

liked it

*insert girlish squeal here*

there is NOTHING better then finding a new series you like. especially on a snow day.

yes, there's lots of unanswered questions left after completing this book. questions that no doubt will be slowly filled in as the series progresses. but i believe this book could be a stand alone, if you're not one to get irksome feelings by not knowing everything. (i'm one of those, but have EVERY intention of reading the rest of the books!)

we meet a group of people who are the 'offspring' of what appears to be people who were used in a government program gone awry. a government program now restarted, with a usual host of main bad guys. its enough to keep the story rolling, and enough to keep the interest until the last page.

the love story was kinda 'meh' to me, a little too lovey-dovey, not enough hard core passion. the sex is also kinda 'meh'. i like more raunchy detail. but i'm hoping those will improve in the next books, i'll keep you'ze posted.

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