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Shadowspell by Jenna Black
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Feb 01, 2011

it was ok
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Read in February, 2011

Sigh. Just once I would like to have a heroine who isn't all "he is so hot, I wonder why he's into me". In any case, if you ignore the first several pages of the book, Shadowspell actually gets off to a fairly decent beginning. Well, only if you ignore the date/not-date thing with Ethan, who I still do not like. Not to mention I thought that pseudo-date was fairly pointless all around and should have been cut. Still, the beginning of the book was somewhat promising, especially with the arrival of the wild hunt.

Let's get this straight. I adore books with the wild hunt (kind of like how I'm a sucker for books with fae in it--now if only the author could make it at least somewhat decent, and I would be all over this series). My love for the subject matter in the book is actually what made me pick up the second book (well, that and I decided to give the series another chance), especially since my review of the first book wasn't exactly glowing.

In any case--moving on--Dana is not as bad as she was in the first book (but only by a little bit). She's still pretty terrible. She's young and irritatingly boy centric. I swear, she thinks things like 'oh, is he jealous?' or variations of how hot some guy is every few pages, and I want to smack her and go "don't you think you have a few more important things to worry about? Like the people who want you dead?". It's grating how her world revolves so much around guys and what they think. I don't mind romance, hell, I like it in my books, but there's points where you have to go enough is enough. Stop thinking with your hormones so much and use your brain a little more, please.

A lot of the messes she gets into are ones of her own making--if she just stopped and thought a little more, if she just used some common sense every once in a while, she wouldn't be having such harrowing adventures all the time (which is good for the book, except for the fact that it makes the reader want to slap some sense into the main character).

I do like Dana's father. He's surprisingly human (well, in a way), and the man does try his best to at least meet his daughter partway. He does have his own agenda and all, but it's understandable and I think he cares more about Dana than what he can use her for. Dana's mother on the other hand... Less said about her the better.

Overall... eh. Pretty much the same as the last book at staying at 2 stars. Dana is so dramatic that it rolls my eyes and even though the wild hunt appeared, it did not interest me nearly enough to get over my dislike at how the plot unfolded and the characters. Would I read the next book? Doubtful, but we'll see.
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message 1: by Kana (new)

Kana "Just once I would like to have a heroine who isn't all "he is so hot, I wonder why he's into me"."

Thank you for saying that.

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