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The Book of Flying by Keith  Miller
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Feb 24, 2008

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Read in February, 2008

The descriptions are sparse at the beginning of this book, but eventually improves. Maybe this is a result of Pico getting away from what is familiar and going into completely foreign worlds. He had become desensitized to his surroundings, but noticed more when thrown into novel contexts. The descriptions are never mind blowing, but are quality enough:

"In my city beauty is celebrated above all else. Flowers in every window, bordering every street. The houses are painted blue and yellow and green and pink and even the roofs are patterned, the tiles made from colored clays. Stained glass in the windows. Bushes are snipped into fanciful topiary. Singing insects in tiny cages of split and gilded bamboo are fed on nougat and command extraordinary prices in the markets."

Sadly, Pico's poetry is another story. His verse reminds me of something a creepy little goth kid might write. I anticipated his style would improve and his voice grow as he continued his journey. It didn't. He still sounded like a creepy goth kid.

The context I read a story in is always intertwined with my memory of the book. I read a majority of this book while vacationing on the Russian River. Along with the adventure, this book also reminds me of reading on the porch of a tiny yellow cabin surrounded by redwoods and the sound of the Russian River flowing in the distance. I also read a lot of it during DEAR time with my students. I'm glad they can't read because there is some racy canoodling!

Speaking of the canoodling, I kept getting Narya and Solya confused because their names look so freaking familiar and they are prostitutes.

The Book of Flying left me with a big question. What the heck happened to the winged people by the sea? Where did they go? Is there going to be a sequel? I read the last chapter twice to see if I missed anything. Any ideas?

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Keith Miller Hi - This is Keith Miller, author of The Book of Flying, and fellow member of Goodreads. I just wanted to let you know that my new novel, The Book on Fire, is out. It's about a book thief who comes to Alexandria to steal from the fabled library, but falls in love with a librarian. It is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's, and other online bookstores.

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