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The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer
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Feb 01, 2011

did not like it

People actually pay money for this drivel??? I've read better writing from 8th graders! Meltzer displays just about every amateur writing trait that I can think of: he's really heavy on exposition; he withholds information that the point-of-view character knows, just to artificially create false tension; his dialog sounds like it comes straight from a soap opera; he relies on melodrama instead of actual drama; his characters are one dimensional stock fare that do not act or talk like real people; he feels the need to explicitly state every character realization for the reader, as if the reader isn't intelligent enough to understand what is going on...the list goes on and on. Horrible.

To be fair, I think there was a partially decent story buried somewhere in the terrible, amateur writing. Oh well.

After the book, there is the audiobook. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I hate Scott Brick as an audiobook reader. He reads everything in this melodramatic "Colt Malt Liquor" voice, and he has no concept of how actual people talk. I hate his voice every time I listen to a book he has read. Additionally, this production incomprehensibly added some weird, annoying music at irregular intervals and "dramatic" moments. It was awful, truly awful.

PS - Someone needs to tell Meltzer that the Library of Congress does not use the Dewey Decimal System! Don't be ignorant, dude. It takes 2 seconds to Google that little detail.
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Margaret Hahahaha! I am reading this right now and I am sooo frustrated at these flat cliched characters it's downright ridiculous! I should have known from the opening when Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True protagonist gets waaaaay up on his high horse when the restaurant owner offers him $100 bucks for getting the homeless guy out of there. I keep thinking "If only Dean Koontz wrote this! It would be so much better!" But I'm reading on for only 2 reasons: 1- I just got to the part where Naomi fed that GPS to Ellis' dog and I'm actually starting to like her now and 2- My book is an autographed copy! Here's to hoping that the protagonist develops some human traits and/or more likeable scenes with Naomi...otherwise this signed edition is going straight to the Barter Box (that's where I put books that suck so I can hopefully exchange them for quality fiction) because books that suck are not allowed to share air or shelf space with my little library of excellence. LOL!

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