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Dreadnought by Cherie Priest
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Jan 31, 11

I really enjoyed this book. I read the first in the series (I keep hoping it won't be just a trilogy) last summer and enjoyed it, but this one really caught me up. I was very impressed with the drama of Mercy's trip and the various random things that barge in on it. The atmosphere of the train and the pacing kept me interested. I got a little annoyed with one character's sudden change toward the end (up to that point she'd been a disapproving stick in the mud and all of a sudden she's suggesting a sneaky raid. didn't quite follow for me) but that was the *only* thing I was annoyed with. I loved that Mercy was not a woman who needed a man for anything, and did not react to losing her husband by immediately trying to find a replacement. So frequently the conflict of new man vs. guilt over replacing hubby is used as a woman's emotional centerpoint and Ms. Priest dodged that one very neatly. Mercy was a whole human by herself, and she was very cool.

As I said, I hope for another in the series, but for now, I've put the second book (which I hadn't heard of until I bought and read this one) on my 'to read' list and dive back into this very interesting world.

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