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Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
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Jan 31, 2011

really liked it

A slave girl finds herself in the house and her Masters 'choice' slave...bears him two children and visits a summer hotel where it's accepted that white men will have black slaves with them for thier use, physical labor and sexual use. The slave women find themselves in free territory and develop a relationship based on history, current situation and future. Each woman takes a path that leads her on a journay all her own, but in the end you find they were closer and give more for each other than you make have thought.
The struggle of the white wife is brought up in this account and makes one wonder how our reactions would haven been if we found ourselves in their place. The relaionship not on friendly terms by general means has more to it than meets the eye and you start to see the push and pull of the masters wife and slave roles.
The struggle of slave and free person of color is seen, it seems like the easy choice to run away at times when there is a way but there was much more than simply running for it...even more than the thought of being caught, what does it mean to those left behind.
This book takes you back to a time in history that we know happened, but brings out details that we rarely hear. Showing both sides of the slavery struggle is never easy but Wench brings it to the front line and we see there is much more to the history of slave and master.


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