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Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck
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Jan 31, 2011

it was ok

I’ll avoid beginning this review with a silly pun like “the only real idiot is Beck” or something like that because he clearly is not an idiot, but I will begin with a joke I heard in one of my Finance classes back in college.

The premise of Beck’s book is how to argue with idiots. His answer to this is -use the facts, here is the problem with that.

A man is interviewing some people for a job and asking a basic question, “what is 2 + 2” the Statistician interviewing for the job says “Well, 2 + 2 could be anywhere from 3.75 to 4.25 with a standard deviation of .25” The financier interviewing for the job says, “Well, it depends on inflation, and what you are rounding closest to, but you could round to the nearest 5, so I’d say $5.00”. The accountant who is interviewing walks in and says, “What is 2+2, well, what do you want it to be?”

My point is that facts, even the most basic, can mean ANYTHING! It’s people’s interpretations of said facts that matter. And no one skews the facts better than Glenn Beck.

For example, in chapter 2 he rales against Congress women Carolyn McCarthy for not knowing what a “barrel shroud” on a gun was but fails to mention anywhere in the book that what she really targets is what is called the “gun show loophole” a gap in the law that allows vendors at gun shows to sell assault weapons and explosives without background checks, and to people on the federal watch list! So currently people who are deemed unsafe to fly on our planes can now walk into a gun show and purchase an assault weapon, thank you Glenn Beck, thank you NRA. Your gun fetishism mystifies me.

Another one-sided “fact” he gives is in Chapter 1 on Capitalism. He ever so loosely gives an explanation of “trickle-down” economics in a metaphor of snow at the top of a mountain and I think I am supposed to be the poor villager lucky enough to “bathe in the fresh water” from wealthy, so give all the tax breaks to the rich I think was his point, I’m not quite sure? But, no explanation of trickle-up economics. But, that’s o.k., I took a year of Econ in college, enough to know that his version of trickle-down is WAY OFF.

But aside from the content of Becks book the bigger problem I have with him is his tone. He is hostile, condescending, divisive, and snarky. I enjoy a good conservative commentator as much an the next guy, I like George F Will and several writers for TIME Magazine, but Beck is just way over the line of civility. By the way, I’ll probably have to erase this post because I fully expect to get hate responses because of it. He has a cult like following.
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message 1: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Don't erase the post! I love it. I hate Beck with a passion for all the reasons you mentioned. It's so embarrassing that he's LDS.

message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith triple-up ecomomics? are you on drugs? how many people get jobs from poor people? Nobody. There is a reason he is so snarky, he works in NY? Ever tried to debate with a liberal? People with money create jobs and the success of that business trickles down. we never see a poor person make other peoples life better.

message 3: by Patrick (new)

Patrick I wish conservatives could spell or use good grammar. I think more of us would take them seriously. Just about every conservative I have ever seen post has several misspelled words or poorly constructed sentences.

message 4: by Mitchell (new) - added it

Mitchell Harris You liberals think oh its the rich it s the conservatives fault they are rich so they're evil news flash the 1% that you people hate is actually more liberal than conservative we try to make jobs the Democrats in the 1% are the greedy ones

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