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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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Feb 09, 2011

did not like it
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I was really intrigued by the premise, and then the rave reviews did the rest and convinced me that I must read this book. I have to say, though --- I don't get what people are so excited about! Yes, the style of writing itself is fairly good, and the idea is certainly unique ... BUT ... the characters stay flat throughout, and there was so much that was completely unbelievable that I just couldn't enjoy it.

You see, the space ship inside which this story takes place is huge. It is so large that it can accommodate a city, farms, rolling green hills with sheeps and cows grazing on them, and a hospital that is four floors high and has an actual pond in the garden. And all of that is just one (!) of the four levels of the ship. Apparently the grass grows even without the sun (they only have artificial light), and it also looks like there is room enough to store enough water to last over 2,000 people plus animals for 300 years --- without an external water source. I mean, we're not only talking drinking water here, but also water for showers, laundry, and artificial rain (to water the fields and gardens).

I'm sorry, but that is just soooo unbelievable, even in a novel of the fantasy/science fiction genre. At some point I couldn't even concentrate on the story anymore because my mind kept going back to trying to figure out where they got their water from.

If it had been a normal space ship (well, what we would imagine to be normal, anyway) then I might even have liked this book. But the fact that I just could not believe that there could be fields, and gardens, and ponds and cows chomping away on grassy hills inside the metal walls of a space ship just really spoiled the whole thing for me!

The basic idea of the book definitely sounds intriguing, but in reality this books turned out to be pretty boring, and the characters were flat and one-dimensional ...

There is nothing special about this book, other than that the idea really is different from other Young Adult books. Don't read "Across the Universe" unless you are happy, willing and able to completely suspend a huge amount of disbelief!

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02/08 page 85
21.0% "Okay ... so the writing itself is good. But I really have a lot of trouble picturing a space ship large enough to have a city, and farms and rolling hills with cows and sheeps grazing on them inside metal walls (and that's just one level of the ship!). Also, how can they have enough water to last 300 years for over 2,000 people plus animals - without a water source?"
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39.0% "Right now I'm debating whether or not to quit ..."
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