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A New Beginning II by Jerry Hicks
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Jan 30, 2011

did not like it
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I finally got around to reading this one, which had been on my MUST READ list for some time. This is a follow-up to Jerry and Esther Hicks' book, A NEW BEGINNING I, which was allegedly "received" (many would say channeled) by Esther from a collective consciousness known as Abraham. A NEW BEGINNING I contained a variety of "earth changes" that Abraham expected to take place in the early fall of 1988 (they state this in their 05/16/1993 workshop). They explain in 1993 (same workshop as mentioned previously) that the energy they had expected for their "earth changes" dispersed and subsided (in layman's terms: didn't happen). In this book, released in 1991, Esther again writes for the collective consciousness of Abraham, but avoids discussing these predictions. Instead, Abraham expands upon their discussion of the Law of Attraction, an idea popularized by William Walker Atkinson in his 1906 book THOUGHT VIBRATION OR LAW OF ATTRACTION IN THE THOUGHT WORLD and Napoleon Hill in his 1928 book THE LAW OF SUCCESS. It is interesting to note that this book (published in 1991), as well as Esther and Jerry's first book (1988), came on the tail end of a popular resurgence of Law of Attraction materials in the late 70s/early 80s, including books such as THE DRAGON DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE by Alan Cohen, UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF by Mark Prophet, SPIRIT OF MASONRY by Foster Bailey, MIRACLE OF MIND by Dan Custer, CAN YOU COPE WITH HAPPINESS? by Joyce Duco, HOW TO SUCCEED by Brian Adams, and DOCTRINE OF THE WILL by Asa Mahan (among many others, of course). All of these books, of course mentioning the Law of Attraction by name.

The book contains a chapter on "Communicating with the Inner World," something that the early Abraham materials heavily focused on and discussed. There are also chapters reserved for the usual: deliberate creating, law of allowing, etc. The second part of the book is for Q&As from Abraham Hicks workshops. This part will surely be delightful to anyone familiar with the work of Abraham Hicks, and covers all the usual topics, including health, work, money, kids, and more. The remainder of the book reads like a JC Penny catalog, where you can purchase various other Abraham Hicks tapes and materials.

For anyone who enjoys the Hicks' processes, this book contains a few that are discussed later in Abraham's ASK AND IT IS GIVEN (i.e. Book of Positive Aspects, Pivoting), but there are no other processes offered that are of particular value that are exclusive to this book. Compared to ASK, there is little appeal to A NEW BEGINNING II other than knowing that it is one of the Hicks' early works, but I highly recommend the part where Jerry and Abraham attempt to reconcile the seeming contradiction of "survival of the fittest" with animals being connected to their Broader perspective. It is one of the more perplexing bits in the book. Also, I did not see Esther and Jerry's usual legal disclaimer about how "the authors do not dispense medical advice," which I have to say, this book needed.

This book is no longer offered through Abraham Hicks, so if you want to read it, you will have to track it down. But if you are truly a fan of the Hicks' material (or like myself, absolutely not), it is a MUST READ, as it reveals an important piece of the evolution of the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks.

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