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Model, Vol. 4 by Lee So-Young
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Jan 08, 2012

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bookshelves: manga, vampires, love-triangle, paranormal-romance

"Your tears...never show them to Michael."

In this fourth volume of the seven part series, we learn a lot more about Eva and Ken's past and how they came to live with Michael. Eva's reason for wanting Jae to live is a lot more understandable now. Also Ken comes to terms with his feelings for Jae. Was he playing her all along, or does he really love her? That's answered here.

I was a little annoyed with the back and forth regarding everyone's relation to each other. Is everyone blood-related or no? How did they become so distant? There's a lot of back and forth which makes it a little confusing. I also wasn't sure that I liked the introduction of souls into the story. If we all have two souls and one passes onto your child, what about if you have a second child? Do you die? The lore isn't very detailed like it could be.

The story isn't the most original, and the men are drawn so beautifully to the point of where they look like women, at least if they have long hair. The art style isn't really my favorite as the features are a bit disproportionate for my tastes, but it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the series. Jae's character could be worse. She makes pretty stupid decisions, but I do like that she stands up for herself every so often. And she certainly has her dedication to art. You can't deny that. This being the fourth volume, she is still consistent with goal of obtaining Michael's portrait. I noticed Jae's hair looks a bit different in this volume compared to the past. You may not think she's the same character. It seemed like it was covering her face less.

I purchased the whole series at once on Ebay for about $30. It was an excellent deal and I've gladly kept every one. It is FAR from the best series, but I've certainly read worse.

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