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Hunter's Prayer by Lilith Saintcrow
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Jan 30, 11

bookshelves: 5-10-or-less, supernatural-chick-pr0n, urban-fantasy
Read in January, 2011

Meh. I quite enjoyed the first book in this series, Night Shift, as an action heroine story that was all the things I liked about the Dante Valentine set, without the incessant angsting and whining that Dante kept on with.

Unfortunately, in this instalment, Jill seems to be going Dante's way - lots LOTS more angsting.

On top of the angsting, there's also the hyped up blood, guts and gore that several other reviewers have commented on. Yeah - a piece of advice, folks - don't read this one while you're eating, hmmmm?

Plus, I started playing buzzword bingo for every time Ms Saintcrow paired the concepts of the sexual pleasure Jill got from her scar (or from Perry directly) with words like "maggot", "slime", "sewage", "rotten" or "rancid". So yes, this is also NOT a book about healthy sexual relationships, kiddies.

There was, I think, a semi decent story being told here, and some interesting stuff happening on a character level. But unfortunately, my gut feel is that anything plot or character related was covered over with a thick layer of gross-out detail that was there purely for the shock value. And because of that, I was paying more attention to the grossing-out than I was to anything that was actually happening in the story.

So yeah, I did end up finishing the book, but I don't think I feel any desire whatsoever to go onto Book 3. I've given this a 5/10 - and I may be underselling it (and to be fair, I read it in between a Meljean Brook and a Michelle West one, so it's going to pale by comparison) - but, really? It just didn't grab me.

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