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Night Fall by Nelson DeMille
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Feb 14, 11

Read from February 09 to 13, 2011

John Corey is back once again in his own smart aleck, doesn't play well with other ways. His wife Kate Mayfield (FBI) 5 years prior worked on the investigation of TWA Flight 800, but was never fully satisfied with the "official story" and asks her new husband (as of the end of The Lion's Game) to sort of investigate it as a "hobby."

John sort of starts out half-hearted in this endevour, not wanting to do this, but agreeing to for the sake of his wife, but the more he digs, the more he needs to find the answers.

But can he? And at what cost? His career, his wife's? Or are they now fighting for their very lives because of what they have stirred up?

This books is considerably shorter than The Lion's Game, and while there are a few slow points, the more concise, compact story keeps you riveted, needing to know what is going to happen next. Conveniently, Demille is kind enough to break this book down into many shorter chapters which give you a break point to put it down, otherwise I may have just gone from beginning to end (and I am NOT a voracious reader by any stretch of the imagination).

Nelson DeMille has strayed away from the noir style that initially sucked me in with Plum Island, and John Corey now is closer to a character from NYPD Blue than Bogart, but his wit and style are still appealing. He has also developed more of an inclination to curse, which is off putting to some, though he certainly sounds like any (and every) cop I know who has ever walked a beat for any length of time.

Without giving away the ending of the book, Demille choice has annoyed some, but I thought was completely appropriate, and leaves the door slightly ajar to revisit some issues later.

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