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Perfect For The Beach by Lori Foster
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Feb 01, 11

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Read on January 30, 2011

Six short stories of varying quality. Sex is certainly the focus of each. I know that the short story medium makes it hard to really feel much for a character but these are even shorter on any real emotion than you might first suspect. None of the stories are great. But they are all relatively hot - which is why I read the book in the first place. It would be too much to ask for great stories in my sex book. I'll do a short paraphrase of one of the stories so you get the idea.

Doctor Hottie (DH)'Go out with me.'
Innocent Receptionist (IR)'No'
DH storms off.
IR friend 'Why'd you say no?'
IR 'I'm very sexually inexperienced. Since my virginal husband of a couple of months died, I just don't know how to learn about sex to come up to DH's league.'
DH 'I was listening in to what you were saying as I hadn't really left. Go out with me.'
IR 'Well now that you were eavesdropping and have heard me reveal secrets about my sex life... OK.'

Less than an hour later, IR is home relaxing in her pool when DH shows up uninvited.
DH 'I think I'll join you in the water. You don't mind if I forgot my trunks do you?'
IR 'Oh my!'
DH 'I'm going to have sex with you now.'
IR 'OH MY!!'

(many pages later)
IR 'I never knew it could be like that.'
DH 'Even though you work in a OB/GYN office and I'm a medical doctor, I just had unprotected sex with you because neither of us has heard of safe sex.'
IR 'It's OK. Nobody has ever had any sort of consequence from having sex just once.'
DH 'Marry me.'
IR 'No.'
DH 'I have to go. I'll call you.'

(Two days later IR is still sitting by the phone staring at it.)
*Ring ring*
IR 'Hello?'
IR friend 'Well how did the date with DH go?'
IR 'We didn't go out. He just came over and screwed me silly instead. I've been waiting for him to call.'
Ir friend 'You know he lives five minutes from you.'

(IR goes to DH's house and listen's to a conversation between DH and DH friend.)
DH friend 'It's time to move on.'
DH 'I don't know if I can. She rejected me and I'm scarred for life.'
DH friend 'Dude, let's go to a titty bar.'
IR 'He doesn't want to go to a titty bar.'
DH 'You came!'
IR 'I was hoping to again.'
DH 'You want to have sex again?'
IR 'If you don't mind.'
DH 'Count me in. I'll even wear a rubber this time.'
IR 'Why? How are you going to father our children with one of those things on?'
DH 'You mean?'
IR 'Yep.'
(The End)

So yes I'm paraphrasing. (except for the "I'll wear a rubber this time." That's a quote.) You get the idea. 30-50 pages per story. 30-50% of each story is actually them having sex. Doesn't leave a lot of room for character growth or background. If I were rating it strictly on the stories, this would be a one or two star read. Were I rating strictly on sex quantity or even quality this very well may be a strong four star read. So I'll compromise and rest on the three with the warning to not take it too seriously.
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