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Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning
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Aug 20, 11

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Read from August 13 to 14, 2011

The first word that comes to mind after finishing this book is epic. This book was absolutely incredible. It's long, but even so you don't want it to end! Going into this book forget all your theories. Forget all your guesses and assumptions. Because Shadowfever will throw them out the window for you if you don't do it yourself. Everything you thought you knew, everything you thought you'd guessed and figured out, you didn't. Nothing happens the way you will have played out in your mind because this book does it better.

Going into this book I was fully ready for the roller coaster of emotions it would give me, but it still blew me away. It made me sad, depressed, angry, confused, excited, happy, giddy, and everything in between. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time while at the same time I was holding back, trying to keep it from ending as quickly as it began.

After reading this I can understand now why there are so many reviews for this book out there that cry spoiler warning. It's difficult to sum up ones feelings about this book without throwing in a spoiler here and there. But I'll save that for later and put it behind a spoiler warning.

For all those out there who have yet to read this series, or have yet to finish it. I urge you to drop everything and pick it up. What I've loved most about this series is the mysteries. The questions that keep coming at a rapid pace and never seem to be answered. I loved being able to form my own theories about any and everything throughout this series, only to have it all smashed to pieces because I didn't have a clue. I love that I was wrong about mostly everything because it made this book so much more interesting.

Overall, this series couldn't have ended better. If you're wondering if all the questions you formed will be answered, the answer to that is yes. There aren't any loose ends. Everything is tied up nicely (in my opinion) and all the mysteries are solved. It probably won't happen in the way you thought it will, I can guarantee you that. But still go on with your theories and opinions because that's what half the fun is about. This is easily one of my favorite series now and I can't wait to pick this back up one day down the road again. I already want to read them all over again and I've just finished!

Now for my spoiler-filled final thoughts. Obviously don't read these unless you've read the series in its entirety because they contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

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08/13/2011 page 43
7.0% "Grrr! What the hell dude? I'm gonna cry. This is stupid! *tear* :[" 2 comments
08/13/2011 page 170
29.0% "yay! Okay I can already tell this book is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Now I'm happy. :]" 2 comments

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message 1: by Darkfallen (new) - added it

Darkfallen WOW you have flown through these!

♥ Sarah ♥ They're INCREDIBLE is why! lol Have you read any of them yet?

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) You are on the LAST ONE!! Did you guess who it was at the end of the 4th? Although you didn't have long to wait to find out!

♥ Sarah ♥ I guessed but was in denial of course. I kept telling myself it couldn't be...it couldn't be! lol

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) I kept thinking "Please be Barrons!" I think she goes OTT though I thought it was sad but really...Barrons sucks LOL! I think I may be bias

Mariya Chapters 1-2 were so emotional for me!!!

♥ Sarah ♥ You're evil Suz.. :-P

Me too Mariya! I was going crazy. My husband thinks I'm insane today because I was all grumpy and angry in the beginning and then happy and bouncy once I got past those few chapters. lol

message 8: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen Of course it was EPIC! :) We all told you that! so glad you liked it!

♥ Sarah ♥ You sure did! Me too. :] Now I'm just sad it's over!

Mariya It was Epic...duh...hahaha. I want more!!! I want her to write another book so very bad, soon very soon! =DDDDDDDDDDD

♥ Sarah ♥ Oh me too. Who do you think the supposed spinoff series will be about?

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) I am hoping Christian or Dani! Christian cos he is hot and Dani cos I liked her

♥ Sarah ♥ Oh Christian would be a good one! Plus now he's all brooding and emotional cause he's turning fae-ish. Mmm hehe Was he in the Highlander series? I still haven't read those but I know they're about the Druid guys.

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) No, Christian isn't in there but the other Highlanders that you met were. You should read the Highlander books, the first two aren't brilliant but once you get past those they are really good.

♥ Sarah ♥ Yeah that's what I heard. I think I will read them. Not right away, but soon here. I'm not looking forward to getting past the first 2-3 books. I've heard it gets better after those, but still! lol

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) They are quick reads so it shouldn't take you long and they are worth going through to get to the good bits! She writes some SEXY highlanders!

♥ Sarah ♥ Mmm..you're tempting me! lol

message 19: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen I didn't really mind her highlander books. No, they are not of the caliber of the Fever series, but I think they are a different type of books. It is a shock at how different they are though especially if you have just read the Fever series.

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) Yeah the highlander ones are just romance I didn't even know about the Fever series when I read them, but they still have sexy highlanders in them so I was happy!

♥ Sarah ♥ Who doesn't love a sexy highlander? But yeah, I kind of figured that the overall storylines wouldn't be as exciting as Fever, given that they're PNR and Fever is UF.

Mariya I was surprised that I actually liked the Highlander books b/c I didn't think time travel romance/historical romance would be my thing but KMM can make that happen! =DDDDDDDDD

♥ Sarah ♥ Oh I definitely don't mind time travel/historical. Makes me think of Outlander, which I really like. :]

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) I haven't dived into that series yet, it looks so long! I am losing book stamina, I never used to blink at books that length they usede to be teh norm!

♥ Sarah ♥ It goes by so fast Suz. They're those kind of books that you can't wait to read back to back. You'd love them, I know it! Plus the first four aren't really even that long. I was surprised by how short the first few were actually.

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) I will get to them, one day lol! Everyone says how good they are and I am dying to meet Jamie, I hear such good things about him. If I don't like them Sarah, you know I will blame you lol

♥ Sarah ♥ Oh we're talking about Outlander. lmao ...Sorry, I forgot my last comment and had a blond moment.

Nevermind, but yes they are super duper long. But they are pretty good. It's sort of world you get like to get lost in for awhile so you have to be in the mood for that. I'd probably recommend either reading them when you're in the mood to just get lost in the same book for awhile or if you read it in between other books.

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) lmao! What did you think we were talking about?

You are blonde? Hmmm I always picture you as brunette (actually I picture you as your book avatar when I think your name lol!)

I like being lost in a book world, you know what puts me off, is that the heroine is from the 40's (I think) I don't know why it does though!

♥ Sarah ♥ I thought we were talking about the Fever series. Which is really stupid since I know you already read it. lol

I'm dark blonde. But I have my hair dyed brunette. My picture is in my Facebook profile.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Claire (from the Outlander series) isn't like that at all.

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) Lol! I always wonder how people manage to have those double convos now I have had one. I feel good about it lol!

Ohhh I will have to have a nose around your profile!

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