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Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
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Nov 08, 2011

really liked it
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Read from September 27 to 30, 2011

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God only knows how much I wanted and how eagerly I was waiting for Lola and the Boy Next Door to arrive at my doorstep!Well,not only God,but whomever - and that probably is many - has read and adored Anna and The French Kiss like I did,probably knows exactly what I'm talking about!Now that I read Lola... well,I can't really say I'm that excited anymore.

Let me make myself clear...First of all,I really liked Lola,I found it a fun and enjoyable read and so well written that technically,I have no reason whatsoever to complain.But being me,and always loving to complain about something,I just have to say it:Lola was not Anna.Perkins's writing style might be as amazing as in her debut,the story sweet and romantic and all,but I wasn't left awed when I finished reading it nor with that stupid grin in my face or with the total feeling of loss,that after Lola I just can't read anything until my mind calms down.Cause all I described above,where the aftereffects of reading Anna,while when reading Lola..., not so much.

First of all,I just couldn't connect with Lola and Cricket and especially with Lola.She was a fun character but I couldn't see in her not even one aspect of myself,or anyone I am acquainted in real life that is.She was way too dramatic,way too enthusiastic and couldn't always get why she acted the way she did.Nor why she lied so much,especially to herself.But even though I couldn't connect to Lola,I read her story easily.And that's how brilliant a writer Perkins is!
Cricket on the other hand,is a sweet guy but too quiet for my taste,although I could connect with him and see him as a real person,but still the romance between the two of them was indifferent to me.You see,I may have liked the thought of the two of them ending up together,but I wasn't consumed by their story.To be completely honest,I couldn't care less if they ended up together or not.I know many will disagree with me,but still,that's how I felt.Lola and Cricket's story just passed me by.But still,I enjoyed the book.Really enjoyed it.And let me not mention again,that this is purely because of the way Perkins writes.Even if her characters didn't "speak" to my heart I managed to enjoy their story.

Another problem I had - and that's purely personal - is the love triangle.I'm not a big fan of them.In most cases,when just two boys or two girls struggle for the attention of the hero/ine I usually don't mind.When someone though is in a relationship and we have a triangle,that's where I get a bit sensitive.Or rather not sensitive,but in those cases I seem to have some problems accepting the triangle.
You see,Lola,has a perfectly good and dreamy relationship with Max before Cricket enters the picture.Before Cricket appears,Max is a perfectly good guy with whom Lola plans to spent her future.All is good and Max is amazing!Cricket enters the story, Max starts behaving like a jerk but still Lola wants him.Cricket expresses his feelings to Lola,Max is a jerk and Lola doesn't know what to do.But stays with him until the point of no return.And honestly,how much of a jerk Max is when she keeps lying to him in his face?Granted,until the ending we have no doubts how much of a bad guy Max is but see where's my problem?Before Cricket, Max was good and dreamy,after Cricket why should Max become the jerk?So Lola can take an easy decision?Or to justify the fact she wants to dumb him and that makes everything easier?
It's a whole different matter if Max was a jerk from day one,and only Lola couldn't see it,but still I find it more honest to just say sorry,I have feelings for another guy,end of the story.That's the way a heroine I would connect to would behave.Not lying to everyone and mostly to herself.

Anyway, enough with the triangle!I may have had a number of problems with Lola and mostly,those problems are purely personal and have to do with the way I perceive things.As I said in the beggining,despite my issues I really enjoyed Lola and I mean it.I may didn't like Lola as a character or agree with her but still her story was fun to read and for someone who doesn't mind the things I stated above,Lola will be a mindblowing read!Because Perkins is a brilliant writer,one that can grasp the feeling of first love and make her readers remember how it felt to be in love for the first time!Her characters are well developed,whether you like them or not and have their own personality!And for all that,I couldn't help but ultimatelly enjoy Lola and the Boy Next Door!
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Stormy I'm reading this now and I see what you mean about everything.

Anna Thank you!It was a bit sad for me,since I love Perkins work and I wanted to enjoy this book way more than I did...

message 3: by Stormy (last edited Nov 09, 2011 11:14PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Stormy Me too. I was really frustrated. Max seemed like a cool dude and then switched to jerk mode and I hated it. It made me sick to read it. And Cricket was just too nice. I like St. Clair so much better for his sense of humor. :)

And Lola was always super moody. Like, I know that her love life sucked for a while and that her mother was imposing on her home but jeez, don't take it out on EVERYONE. I don't think I am that much of a moody teen...I seriously hope not. This is my last teen year and I will be happy to be free. lol

Anna I just hate that generally in most love triangles.I find them a bit awkward most of the times,but in Lola it was way too obvious...
Anna was so much better in every aspect except of the writing.Perkins writes brilliantly!

And being teen is one of the best ages of your life,despite being moody all the time!

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