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White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison
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Jan 30, 2011

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Well, every series going for this long is bound to have that one book that just isn't up to par with the rest. I'm a huge fan of The Hollows, but this was definitely the weakest installment.

Rachel's shunned, cast aside as a black which in her community. She's also focused on figuring out who killed Kisten a couple of books back. All the while, she takes on a banshee that feeds herself and child by stealing auras from people.

The resolution to Kisten's death was anti-climatic at best. I am not sure how I feel that we needed to wait two years to reach that conclusion.

There also isn't much Trent here, which was another downer for me, kind of like the 4th book where he wasn't there at all. That we get a smidgen of him helps a little. It also helped that Harrison alluded to Book 9 being a book with a lot of focus on Trent.

I don't know about anybody else, but I sort of started to like Al a bit in this book, and not in a "he's a cool villain" kind of way. There is this one scene where Kim gives the reader a bit of a reality check, and I thought it was well-placed. It keeps you grounded in understanding that while he can be plenty entertaining, he's indeed a demon.

Rachel meets up (again?) with what looks to be shaping up to be boyfriend #...Oh I've lost count now. He seems to be a figure from her past and an invisible one of her present. She's definitely plowing through them though. Failed relationship after failed relationship. Yawn. I'm not sure if I have the highest hopes for this guy, but we'll see.

Funny enough, this is the hardcover with the most pages, yet in this book there's the least amount of plot progression. Many have likened this installment to filler and I have to agree. The Hollows as a whole is my favorite series, but I definitely don't recommend starting with this book. This is really a series where you need to start from the top anyway because of the evolving plot. Unfortunately, this one isn't the best first impression because it doesn't showcase the top notch quality that this series is capable of. Though actually, this book is sort of with the first book, ranked in my bottom 3, but the first book is better than this one.

I am definitely hoping for the next book to be a bit better. I have faith that it will be.

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Kim Harrison
“Pierce jerked his hand from Trent and pushed himself straight. “Kalamack Industries,” he said, expression twisted as he wiped his hand on his pants. “I knew your father.”
“I do not freaking believe this,” I said, shifting to stand where I could see both of them.
Al beamed. “Amazing who you can meet in an elevator.”
Kim Harrison, White Witch, Black Curse

Kim Harrison
“I sniffed, wiping my eyes. “Look at that,” I muttered. “The bastard
made me cry.”
Jenks’ wings made a cool spot on my neck. “Want me to pixy him?”
“No. But now I don’t have the chance of a ghost’s fart in a windstorm
to get that Pandora charm.” That’s not really what was bothering me,
though. It was Trent. Why did I even care what he thought?”
Kim Harrison, White Witch, Black Curse

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Kerri I agree with VampireNovelFan. This is my least favorite book in the series, and I have to say that I started to worry that the series was going to go downhill. Pierce really annoys me, and I did not care for the overall plot. I had mixed feelings about the discovery of Kisten's murderer. I thought it was interesting that he was some random vampire - which, in some ways, shows how little Piscary thought of Kisten in the end - but at the same time I'd hoped that we would have at least seen him at some point in the past books. I didn't like the banshee, either. For me, the series took a BIG upswing in Pale Demon, which is one of my favorite books. I've read that one three or four times, and might even read it again before The Undead Pool comes out, despite the fact that I have a huge stack of books that I got for Christmas, that I haven't read yet.

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VampireNovelFan Kerri wrote: "I agree with VampireNovelFan. This is my least favorite book in the series, and I have to say that I started to worry that the series was going to go downhill. Pierce really annoys me, and I did no..."

Are you participating in the read along with Kim, Kerri? We'll be starting Pale Demon in a couple of weeks! I'm actually going to start reading BMS either today or tomorrow. Pale Demon on out the books have been super stellar.

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