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Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Jan 29, 11

** spoiler alert ** I think there was a lot about the idea/plot of this book that was compelling, but, wow, so poorly written. The last maybe 50 pages or so were really bad, in my opinion. Up until then, I would have probably given it 3 stars, but I just couldn't after the poor conclusion of the book. I thought the set-up of the story was better -- the mystery of the babies on the plane, finding out that Jonah and Chip were two of those babies, and that they were from the future. (I was really hoping for the twist that JB would turn out to be one of them from the future, but it didn't happen.) However, there are many problems I had with this book:
1) Haddix's writing is very simplistic; there is no challenge in terms of sentence structure or vocabulary. To me, it's like she's writing down to kids.
2) As an adoptive mother, the concept of the book that these kids who were adopted would be taken away from their families was troubling. This is such a sensationalistic concept and, unfortunately, one that people fear a lot. My own parents sometimes worry about the idea of my child being taken away. Other people have expressed the same concern to me, and apparently adoptive children worry about this. So, I don't really have much appreciation for a book that perpetuates these concerns.
3) The action sequences in the cave were so far-fetched and just ridiculous, that these guys from the future would, for a good chunk of the time, be rendered helpless by these kids. Really silly and written in a way that was very hard to visualize.
4) Truly lame ending. Jonah pleading to get the chance to go to the 15th century and the guy finally agreeing. Really implausbile and actually laughable.
5) Finally, the author's attempts to "sound like kids" really failed in my opinion. Didn't sound real to me.
So, there it is. I was disappointed, since the beginning was cool.

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