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Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
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Jun 14, 2011

it was amazing
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I have a question. If any one remembers Curran's adoptive father from the first book, then they would recollect that the guy oozed warm, comforting, father-like presence. The Kodiak was really nice to Kate, even when Curran was acting high handed and arrogant (which he still does, but sweetly). What happened in Magic bleeds? First he sabotaged their date (by not letting kate know why curran couldn't make it) and then when Curran got seriously injured and the pack started gunning for her blood, he did nothing to stop them. I can understand that he might have become concerned that Kate wouldn't make the best Mate for Curran but it didn't seem to match with what little we saw of him in Magic Bites.

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Anika I brought this book on my itouch and have listen to it over and over. I think when Curran woke he should have quit being the Beast King since they did not have his back now that he found someone that he wants to settle down with.I wonder what they clan would have done than cause she never stated in the book their excuse for trying to kill his mate.

AMythicalBeast No, she didn't say exactly why, but as things played out I guess the reason could be that Curran didn't have time to officially announce\declare Kate as his Mate. She would have been formally challenged, won the challenges and been accepted by the Pack.
Instead almost the day after they became a couple they went to war and Curran went into coma. The Pack hadn't yet accepted her as his Mate, since nothing had been officially said or done and Kate's presence in Curran's rooms, while the Beast Lord was comatose made her the Alpha. Now, in the Pack, the Alpha can never have her position without proving that she is the strongest. So the rest of the clans felt that it was their right to challenge her.
Have you read Curran's POV? Here's part 2, you might understand something from it.
enjoy. ,'0]

Anika Thanks that was interesting giving us more a inside clue of what Curran was thinking/did what happen.

What happen to Andrea, Kate's bf? Ever since Curran dismissed her and her now ex-boyfriend she has not called Kate even after the fight/war. I wonder why and if she will get back together with ex-boyfriend. What you think?

AMythicalBeast Have you read Andrea and Raphael's story in the Anthology 'Must love Hell hounds'? It was called Magic Mourns. I know they had a terrible fight in Magic Bleeds, but they didn't say anything about breaking up and I'm hoping that Ilona Andrews wouldn't have given them a story of their own if they were only going to separate in the very next instalment.
I think the reason Andrea didn't call Kate could be:

1. Despite her protests that she didn't have an option to dramatically walk out of the Order office the way Kate did, to help the Wolves, she actually felt guilty, ashamed and torn between the life she had chosen for herself and the were life she belonged to.

2. Something happened to her during the fight against Erra and she's in real trouble.

Hey, have you read the Dark and Stormy Knights Anthology? It has Ilona's A Questionable Client which is about Kate's first assignment with Saiman.

Anika No, i have not read "must love hell hounds" or Dark & Stormy Knights but I might now.

Okay Raphael seemed very upset that she did not stand up for her people but it kinda left me hanging that maybe they could have broken up well I guess we will see in the next book.

Anika Urban Fantasy looking for recommendations 3+more books is where i got i andrews from.

Jess In the first book when we meet Manon he has this fatherly feel to him BUT we also learn that he is the pack assassin, the way i read it is - he is nice unless you threaten the pack. He sees kate as a weakness for the pack so thats why his actions changed.

message 8: by AMythicalBeast (last edited Apr 23, 2011 08:28AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

AMythicalBeast Jess wrote: "In the first book when we meet Manon he has this fatherly feel to him BUT we also learn that he is the pack assassin, the way i read it is - he is nice unless you threaten the pack. He sees kate as..."

Yeah, that's what I concluded, but I wish the author had given us a glimpse of that side to his character, you know? Since the first book was the only one where we got a major glance at him, I would have appreciated some warning that he might turn against Kate. ;]
Anyway, Jess, have you read Curran's POVs? There are three of them and in the last instalment, Curran fights Mahon to finally establish who the stronger fighter is and thus decide whether Kate stays or goes.
They put it up for free and it was a fantastic read.
On the off chance you haven't read them, you can do so here:

Jess Thankyou for the link :) I follow IAs blog so I had the chance to read them. I am still not anti Manon though - I think he and Kate will work out their differences.

I think the reason that IA didnt show us Manons true role in the pack was because it wasnt time yet. Kate had only been allowed into the pack castle once - so it would make sense to treat her suspiciously and not give away any strengths.

I try to think of it as - what would make sense at the time (from the POV of the pack) if I was curran and this young upstart of a woman called Kate started challenging me - I wouldnt want her to know anything about the pack (including just how dangerous the pack assassin is)

Thanks for the link again - It was very nice to think of me :)

AMythicalBeast I guess that's the best thing about having an imagination- if you're dissatisfied with the author's (or think she could have done it better) you could simply use your own!
Thanks for your assessment, I'll try to think of it the same way. I can't wait for Magic Slays to come out and answer all my questions (and bring up more new ones!), though the worst thing about finishing off MS will be the wait for the next one!

message 11: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess I know just how you feel - I would love for there to be a new Kate Daniels book each month.

But this series is one that I tell myself "quality over quantity" lol...

lately there are alot of big authors releasing books that are poorly edited or even have pages missing. I believe publishers are spending less on proof readers and placing more responsibilty on the author.

Some authors can handle it and are professional (but it takes time) I just read the most interesting article by Nalini Singh.

in it she explains her editing process and how it take 4-6 weeks.

After reading that article I have decided that I can put up with just one book a year because at least I know that Ilona and Nalini and other professional authors have spent MONTHS putting out the best book they can :)

what do you think? do you prefer quality over quantity to???

AMythicalBeast Whoa. Nice article. I read a few of her other articles too- thanks for the link.
I do appreciate quality of quantity, especially since some times there are books that I just know had the potential to be SO MUCH MORE, but somehow got majorly F'd up because of silly inconsistencies, a few nagging, useless characters, certain bewildering plot points that go nowhere, etc.
Oh, yes, I would rather have one book from Ilona every year than one every month and crap editing- not to mention the bad quality of writing since she'll obviously be burnt out.
[I know I should say 'them', but I get the feeling that Ilona does the major share of the work]

Since it's my turn =), here's a link to a copyeditor whose blog I follow. She explains her job and I have to admit I had no idea there was SO MUCH to it!

message 13: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess wow, that link was fantastic !! I had no idea that a good copyeditor worked so hard :O Im very impressed with her work ethics.

The more I think about it the more amazed I am with my fave authors. If an author wrote 1000 words a day and they needed 90,000 words. then It would take 3 months of nonstop writing to produce the book.

Thats just the rough draft - with re-writes it would be at least 4 months before you even submit it and then when its returned its another month to 6 weeks.

So basically it would take 6 months to get it perfect...

Im just sitting here in awe.....I read on Ilona's blog that she is trying to do 3000 words a day - (she is struggling with that mammoth goal)

I read that Stephan King write 1500 every day while working on a book.

:) thanks again for the link :)

AMythicalBeast They can't possibly write every day- no matter how dedicated they are! Every-day life will definitely intrude, also they need rest, right?
So to that optimistic 3 months add another four or five weeks. No wonder they only release one book a year!

Gordon Ok this is how I see it, Curran had a lot of women before Kate, and Mahon always was nice to them. When it became clear that Kate was more, he became concerned, she is not one of them, and therefore, in his mind unfit for mate, ok though for girlfriend.

message 16: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Hey Gordon :)

Getting nervous or excited over release in 6 days???. I am predicting Top 10 on the NYT Bestseller list for you guys, hell I hope you go number one :)

(Don't tell Nalini but Im reading yours first) LOL

As for this discussion - that is pretty much how I saw Mahon and his reaction to Kate. I do not mind a few threads or issues left dangling at the end of a book because I know there is going to be another book that hopefully ties up any loose ends.

As a reader I am interested to see how Mahon reacts to Kate for the next few books. I don't know if he will ever accept Kate as his Alpha - but to tell you the truth I do not think Kate gives a hoot. I see no desire in her to lord it over others.

(I think that is why Mahon has trouble understanding what Curran sees in Kate - she does not have the animal need to dominate)

I just read in this interview

that you might stop at book 7....can I vote for 10??? I think ten is a great number in a series and it gives me hope for the next 5 years :P

AMythicalBeast Gordon wrote: "Ok this is how I see it, Curran had a lot of women before Kate, and Mahon always was nice to them. When it became clear that Kate was more, he became concerned, she is not one of them, and therefo..."

Thanks. It makes sense, I guess. The reason it struck me in the first place was because we see so little of Mahon between the first and third book, and his change in attitude towards Kate seemed abrupt. This bugged me because he's an important plot point, isn't he. He has major clout in the pack council, and even Aunt B is wary of him.
Anyway, the Curran and Mahon fight for dominance and their exchange after that helped pacify me. Mahon didn't seem so changed after all! :D

message 18: by Gordon (last edited May 24, 2011 10:36PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Gordon Ilona and I have talked about it and what we came up with is that Mahon and his wife have several daughters, Mahon always thought that when Curran grew up, he would take one of his girls as a mate. Which is ridiculous because Curran sees them more as sisters, and they view him as a sort of spoiled surrogate brother.

AMythicalBeast YES! Now that DOES make sense. Thanks you! It's insane how some little thing in a story can disrupt my enjoyment, but this insight into Mahon's motives helps smoothen that.
I can buy this a lot more easily than just his dislike for Kate as an outsider.

ps. welcome to goodreads.

Gordon I think it does, the way I see it if the girls bring a weird guy home to meet us and it's just a date I will be nice to him but if they start talking love and marriage, I would most likely object. Sadly for Mahon and myself, you don't get to pick your kids mates.

AMythicalBeast :) My dad would sympathise. And because I get that, I understand how Mahon might feel. Poor guy.

Samina ~ Escapism~ Wow,this explains it.Hmmm....I was just doing a re read (preparing for the new release) of Magic Bites, and Mahon seems so nice and friendly. However now I understand his hostility and behaviour.

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