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Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel
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33.0% "Loving this. Love when the prose has words in it that I have to look up. No anachronisms here, thank God."
64.0% "Still liking this; but starting to find the intrigue hard to follow. (note to self: For. Crissakes. Quit. Skimming.)" 16 comments
85.0% "Back on track with the story, 'cause it DID drag a bit in the middle, and I've slowed down. (It's like telling yourself to chew your food 10 times before swallowing -- hard work!)" 4 comments
0.0% "A re-read so I can review. :)"
21.0% ""You," he said, "area bluestocking."

"Sir, I am not."

"Anne, it's not an insult. I cannot long endure the company of a stupid woman."

"Have you often found yourself on the horns of such a dilemma?"

" 1 comment
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Misfit I've heard a lot of good things about this one. I have the old MMPB edition.

Tammy Walton Grant Hey Misfit -- I got mine from Amazon when CJ re-released her old titles herself. (Your cover is by FAR the better one). I'm really liking it - the writing is excellent. No danger of reading the words "okay" or "sleepover" here!

I should be keeping track of all the old words she's using. They're not so much in the dialogue, but everywhere else. It's awesome.

I hope you like it.

Misfit I'll move it up the pile. I'm just terrified of picking up another regency...

Tammy Walton Grant What is it you don't like about them? (Wait, that's probably a loaded question, lol). I didn't really understand the differences until recently, I used to just call them all historicals.

Misfit I think it's they all seem the same, reformed rake/decadant duke finally falls for his true love. Like the Highland romances, they get rather formulaic after a while.

Tammy Walton Grant Yup, I'll give you that for sure! You can't swing a dead cat in a Regency without hitting a Duke. :)

And I'll have to second that for Highlanders, as well. I don't really care for them. The formula seems more obvious to me there for some reason.

Misfit Perhaps I've just picked the wrong ones. That Grace is going to be hard to forget.

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) I have this book. It has 600+ pages so it's still in my TBR pile. You seemed to like this book despite all the tropes.

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