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Double Cross by Carolyn Crane
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Jan 28, 2011

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WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?! I knew something big was coming but hale, I did NOT see that one. I seriously didn't.

*deep breath* I am calm....

This is not like the last book at all. There is more power hungry people going around. Secrets are getting revealed. People are not what they seem.
I think Shelby will get dark by the next book, driven by revenge.
Justine..... I hope there is a way to change or cure i don't know what but something that might rescue her from the current state she was left behind in this book.

And now about Team Cucumber...... I sympathetic with him when he came out with the story to Justine, now when I am finally finish with the 2nd book I don't even know how much of truth was in there.

Team Kabob, it's not hard to hate him and then love him at the same time because the hole story is being told from Justine's point of view. I'll leave it at that.

Great story, I just hate the cliffy. And I guess it's only because of the cliffy I'll be waiting for the third book like a hawk.

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Carolyn Crane
“Without warning, Packard reaches out--I think he's going to touch my cheek, but he slides his hand around the nape of my neck and pulls me to him, kissing me warm and strong, lips soft, breath like coffee. The kiss takes me by surprise. My whole body wants to follow deeper into him, but he pulls away, and we're looking into each other's eyes, and the moment stops. And everything seems to fall out beneath me.
"Good luck," he whispers.
He opens the door. "It's okay."
I stare at the open door. It feels like a closed door. And I leave.”
Carolyn Crane, Double Cross

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24.0% "wish RL wasn't so clogged up, so I can finish this book. =/ But so far so good. Like how it's going."

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Galla The way I saw it, even when Otto told his side of things, Otto was trying to shift all responsibility for his own actions onto Packard. Packard was in a tough spot, and the highcaps he was in charge of were being kidnapped & killed. Otto, IMO, was old enough to know more about what he was doing at the time than he claimed.

Not that I think Otto's stance was entirely calculated on his part: I think some part of his psyche just couldn't handle doing anything other than seizing on the idea of Packard as a scapegoat. In some ways, part of the impact of Book 2 was the gradual reveal of just how fucked-up Otto really is psychologically, to the point where he's willing to prioritize his dependence on Justine (who "keeps the darkness away," for whatever reason) over everything else.

I don't think his talk of ideals and morals was just lip service--I just think that he's become really twisted behind them.

Prangon H was 11... so I think that's the only reason that got me sympathizing with him.

But now, I don't think he was ever a good guy. He is obsessed with power and he'll do anything to keep it and keep everyone from knowing he is a 'high-cap'. Otto's justice system was totally fucked up, and I am pretty much sure he doesn't care if any of them dies either.

I was thinking on the last couple of chapters after Justine and Packard.. that when Otto finds out, he might turn into one of those emo boyfriends and keep her prisond or something but but but..... I am just URGH!
can she even be cured? I really hope she remembers.

Galla I sympathized with Otto to some degree during that story, too--but I think his complaints about being manipulated by Packard were way overblown. Their group was being preyed upon, and Packard was young, as well. Those dudes in the wall were real pricks, lol.

And yeah, Otto's justice system is very fucked-up. I still think he believes in it, but the costs of maintaining it are way too high--both for himself and for others. He's deteriorating, and quickly.

(view spoiler)

Prangon I am still confused about Gumby. Justine always fixing it to bend over, cross it's arms felt like it was a manikin. What the hell was that thing?

Galla This is Gumby!

He's from an American TV show and has popped up on & off in American pop culture since something like the late '50s. You can buy him as a bendable toy and move his arms & legs around.

Prangon LMAO! Thanks for clearing the Gumby mystery bb. lol.

Galla LOL, no problem. If it ever becomes an issue in a book, I'll link you to Gumby's horse, Pokey. :P

Prangon Galla wrote: "LOL, no problem. If it ever becomes an issue in a book, I'll link you to Gumby's horse, Pokey. :P"

Pokey!! Lol.

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