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Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie
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Jan 27, 2011

really liked it
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Read from February 19 to 20, 2011

Review originally posted on Bitten Books and given 4 stars.

This book was a quick, fun, and light read. It didn't have much substance but I wasn't hoping for any. Laurie had me laughing out loud at certain parts and commending her on many of her witty and sarcastic remarks. I really enjoyed the writing style and feel of this book. It was fast paced without being overwhelming and the subject of a psychic detective never felt contrived or unrealistic.

I enjoyed all of Laurie's characters. Abby grew on me quite quickly. She was funny, caring and in a little over her head, which I always find fun when paired with humor. She had a great voice that kept me interested and chowing down chapters. I especially loved Abby's interactions with other characters. Her budding relationship with Dutch was the highlight but I also really enjoyed the interactions she had with her sister, Cat. I can't wait to see the Abby/Dutch relationship furthered in future books. Getting to know and trust one another was funny in this book but I can't wait to see a true partnership form between them (both professionally and personally).

Usually I don't mention any author information in my reviews but I felt this was too relevant not too. Victoria Laurie is a real life police psychic. While my personal opinion is that that's a load of hoo-ha, I couldn't help but think how how cool it was that she made a cozy mystery out of her life. I think she did a great job touching on preconceptions people have and treating them with humor and levity. I think if more psychics had her attitude and approach, my image of a psychic wouldn't be Professor Trelawney.
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Reading Progress

02/19 page 29
10.0% "Maybe if I'd just pushed a little harder, used my gift to probe a little deeper, perhaps I could have saved Allison's life in the end, and in doing so prevented a serial killer from setting his sights on me. The tricky thing about fate, however, is that it's all in the timing. I'm liking Abby's voice so far, she reminds me a little of Stephanie Plum." 2 comments
02/20 page 56
19.0% "Dutch looked up and met my eyes, regarding me critically, and for a moment his face changed in a way that made me wish I had never told him what I did for a living. Cold, calculating eyes stared at me, and his expressions was so blank it was scary. I wish that the book's summary hadn't spoiled this. I think it would have been more fun finding out alongside Abby."
02/20 page 84
28.0% "Dutch sat in that restaurant the week before looking all gooey-eyed and allowing me to believe he was interested when all he'd really wanted was to pin a murder on me. I had one word for him, and it started with an 'ass' and ended in 'hole'. I love how Abby's able to keep me laughing. I'm glad I picked this up to start my winter break with."
02/20 page 123
42.0% ""Dear Mystic Lady, your subtle beauty and dazzling smile suggest a heart I'd love to dance with. Shall we meet?" Oh, Abby. Internet dating and contacting a guy you're suspicious of? Definitely two wonderful choices that I can't possibly imagine going wrong."
02/20 page 151
51.0% "Eggy greeted me and I picked him up, cuddling him as I sighed into his fur. "Men!" I muttered. He must have understood completely, because he gave my cheek an extra-big slobbery kiss. It's not a good cozy unless there's a furry sidekick!"
02/20 page 176
60.0% ""Coffee? Tea? Or try me, Dutch?" I really hope that's an Alice in Wonderland reference because if it is, Abby is the best at sarcastic comebacks."
02/20 page 229
78.0% "Another great example was when Cat decided to take the twins to Disney World and invited me along. I received a seven-page itinerary for a three-day vacation via email, then by registered post, plus two follow-up phone calls to ensure that I had indeed received the itinerary. I'm sure this is funny to everyone whose mother doesn't do the exact same thing. I've never had a relaxing vacation."
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