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So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane
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Jan 27, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: magic, quest

This is such a fun premise, and such a good book. It's precisely the kind of story I would have LOVED as a young nerdy bookworm; girl hides in the library to escape bullies, and in the self-help section (because she reads everything) finds a book called So you Want to Be a Wizard, a book that she's never seen before; and she's seen ALL the book in this library. She steals it, naturally, and makes the pledge - and it's that easy. She really does become a novice-level wizard. Except that of course it's not easy, and it gets increasingly harder and more dangerous. She finds strange and wonderful new friends, a whole new life that she has to sort of hide from her "real" day-to-day life and family - except that with great power, as we all know, comes great responsibility. And Nita will literally be putting her life on the line not just for our world, but for all of them, along with all the other wizards. And in Duane's universe, wizards come in every shape, size, and species.

A truly wonderful series; I think there are seven books to date, and a constant flux in the characters; they change, grow, die, new characters take center stage... Duane's great gift is in making me believe in her strange, dangerous worlds, and even moreso in making me care about creatures I normally have NO empathy for. Pixar's "Cars" was the only movie they've made to date that I didn't enjoy, just because I have no interest in cars, but in Wizard there's a sentient car that I adore. In an upcoming book there's a shark - and I hate sharks, every shark in the planet could go extinct tomorrow and I would NOT care, sorry, I know that's short-sighted and shallow - but the point is, Duane even made me love and respect a shark, and not just any shark, basically the embodiment of Shark. Ultimate Shark. And in a later book, she does the same thing with computers.

Really good writing, is what I'm saying.

But all that's yet to come - So you Want to be a Wizard functions beautifully as a stand-alone adventure. It's a wonderful read. Enjoy.

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