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No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman
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Feb 02, 2008

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I'd give it four stars, but it really irks me how the main character doesn't seem to actually learn anything, aside from the fact that his football friends aren't necessarily the nicest people. I mean, I like the premise of the book (boy hates book, writes scathing review, teacher is angry), but the fact is that the teacher had a point. If he had written an intelligent review, where he had explained why he didn't like the book, the teacher would have been fine. It was his simple dismissal of the book that upset the teacher. I'm probably reading too much into it, but Wallace was just too perfect. Couldn't there have been at least some sort of conversation with the teacher, where they dicussed why people actually do like the book, how even if it may be dated, there are still important life lessons or whatever? I guess I'm just irritated, since too often in real life people dismiss books without actually understanding them (myself included), and I don't think that's necessarily something to applaud.
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message 5: by Jordin (new) - added it

Jordin Williams LOL. Sounds like you simply hated it. Did you give it three stars as a "neutral" or did you find something in it you liked?

Pineapple Girl Actually, he wrote out a list of why he didn't like the book, and why he thought the way he did, and it started with him saying that the characters were not relate able. That is when he started editing the script, and so it goes on from there.

message 3: by Yael (last edited Dec 15, 2010 06:22PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Yael Well its been a while since I read the book (and followed up on my reveiews on good reads :) ), but if I remember correctly, wasn't it his initial review that really set the teacher off? In which he basically said "I hate it, I hate all the characters, my favorite part was when it said 'The End.'" That's obviously not a legitimate review, and no excuse for a homework assignment. And even when he did write out his reasons, it was in the form of a simple list with no evidence or support from the text. Saying "the characters are not realistic" is definitely valid, but Wallace should then explain why its so-- write out quotes, examples, etc.
I realize I'm taking this book a tad too seriously, but I've been tutoring English for a while now, and I keep trying to explain to kids that they can be honest/say whatever they want about the book, as long as they support their claims with evidence from the text. Wallace was in junior high... he had no excuse for handling it in such an unsophisticated manner. Just do the assignment, write a solid essay, and show a smidgen of respect for the teacher. Ok I definitely am taking this too seriously :).

And Jordin, I did enjoy it, I just thought the character was in the wrong. Korman is really fantastic; like most of his other books, this was funny, well written, and I absolutely adored Rachel :).

message 2: by Puppy98jenny (new)

Puppy98jenny oh great, so just identify all of ur comments.
it simply means that you dont like this book, then why would you just recommend this book?

ha, very nice of you. so you enjoyed it and you said it's not a good book. and now you have smiley faces all over your comment. like, wtf?

Fill Weeney I think the thing he learned (if this makes any sense) is It doesnt always hurt to lie.

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