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Blubber by Judy Blume
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Jan 27, 2011

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Read in January, 2011

This is one Blume book I did not read as a child, so this was my first reading. I don't even know how many stars to give this book. I didn't like the story, but yet it wasn't a one-star book. I didn't like it because there is nothing likeable about any of the characters. We see the story through the eyes of Jill, a seemingly normal 5th-grade girl who collects stamps and likes peanut butter. She lives in a nice home in a good neighborhood and has a group of friends. She is a very ordinary person. When her classmates start bullying (abusing) another classmate, Linda, Jill goes right along with it. Her involvement is thoughtless--she doesn't seem to enjoy it, but also, and here is the part that bothered me, she has no qualms about it AT ALL. She feels no unease, no twinges of "maybe I shouldn't be doing this". She does it because it seems to be the thing to do, and then goes about her day like nothing happened. It made me uncomfortable to think children are really like that, that families are really like that, that parents don't notice what's going on right under their noses. I think this is an important book that points out many realities; I'm just sad life might honestly be like this for some people (both the tormentors and the tormentees).
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message 1: by Lara (new)

Lara I can honestly say that sometimes kids do tease others without ever really having any guilt about it. I was teased without any good reason in middle school, and the kids who selfishly shoved me down stairs and prodded me with athletic equipment seemed to have no real remorse over their actions at the time, and they seemed to actually delight in it. I haven't read the book, however, so I can't comment fully on the book, but I can at least say some kids really can be that cruel. If their parents are that insensitive to others as well, they certainly won't see any real problems with it either. That's not to say that the kids who harassed me in middle school don't feel guilty now (I wouldn't know as I have no real interest in getting to the bottom of their feelings and contacting them, as I've come to terms with what happened to me, and I've moved on and enjoy my life and have stable relationships with friends.) That being said, it can't always be bad, and while there are good people out there, there are also some really horrible people too.

Tracy Lara, I have children in middle school right now, so I try to be tuned into these issues. I'm sorry you had those experiences as a child!

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