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Making Chase by Lauren Dane
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Jan 27, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: erotic-fiction, series
Read in October, 2008

Tate Murphy couldn't believe her eyes when she opened them, and found herself staring into Matt Chase's handsome face. She had lusted after him from afar for many years, and to have finally met him after being hit by a car was disconcerting. He is a fireman, so of course came running when the accident happened. He had never met her before, but Matt couldn't get Tate out of his mind after her close call, and when she brought him homemade cookies as a thank you, that gave him the perfect opportunity to spend time with her. He found himself making a point to be places he knew she was going to be just so he could see her. When Matt realized that Tate was "the one" for him, he asked his mother about her background. Just from their few conversations, he knew she had a rough childhood, but wanted to know what they were facing. None of it was good. Tina Murphy was a whore that was only home if she didn't have a better offer. Bill Murphy was a drunk, but not just a drunk; he was a mean drunk that dished out more emotional and physical abuse than anyone should ever have to handle in a lifetime.

Matt was from a good decent loving family, and it never occurred to him how horrible people would treat Tate especially when they found out they were a couple. He couldn't believe his ears when he heard comments like she was a fat nobody from the wrong side of the tracks. No wonder she had such a self esteem problem. Between her family, and the town, she gets bombarded from all directions. Matt wanted nothing more than to protect Tate, but it wasn't until they were attending the homecoming game that he finally understood what she went through every day. Just when everything started to settle down a few months later, Bill Murphy started blackmailing Tate. He told her he would make the Chase family regret ever letting their son get involved with her. He frightened her so badly that she paid him for months until she was caught. Matt reacted badly because he thought she still didn't completely trust him. When he walked out of the home they had built, Tate wasn't sure he would ever be back.

Tate is such a complex character. She has literally been tortured her entire life, and has all the baggage that comes with that type of treatment. Feeling unloved and unattractive, she doesn't understand how Matt can love her. Matt just wants to love Tate, and make her world better. He simply wants to be with her, period because she makes him feel complete.

Though this was a good story it was not the best of the series. The characters were not quite a good as I had expected, they seemed a little corny with some of their statements.

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