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Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands
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** spoiler alert ** Let's start with what I didn't like.

1. The mother. Interferring and irritating. I love supportive mothers, hate the ones who just won't mind their own business.

2. My biggest problem with this novel, was the heroine, Kate. Kate, is yet another Barbie heroine - blonde and impossibly proportioned, although you can't really fault the author for this, as it's basically today's generic heroine. It also bothered me, that Kate was such as step away from Lucern's normal type that it seems the author disdains the sort of women she mentioned multiple times as Lucern having favoured, or simply didn't have the confidence to write a heroine who might not be as widely accepted by the readers.
Apart from this, my biggest issue with Kate was her personality and attitude. Kate was irritating, annoying, aggressive (she was NOT assertive), nosy, pushy, interferring, and just plain stupid about some things. I was especially irritated when she bailed on the last day of the RT conference, and I found myself vehemently wishing, that this book would not end up with a HEA, and instead have Lucern dodging the bullet that was pigheaded Kate. I mean, I'm all for a strong willed heroine who won't back down and won't be intimidated, but that's a far cry from refusing to take no for an answer, forcing yourself inside someone's home, and refusing to leave until they say yes to whatever you're asking, while invading their space and privacy along the way.
I also think the author went a little overboard in making Kate perfect for Lucern: he's an author, she's an aspiring author. Both love the same video games, music etc. In fact, apart from her pigheadedness about his refusing to be a performing monkey in her self-serving quest to improve her career, and then later in finding out he was a vampire, they had everything in common.

Enough about Kate though. I loved Lucern. I can see why some people got the feeling he was sexist, but, I didn't really get that vibe. I mean, apart from the fact that when he was born and grew up, that was just how things were, he's been a recluse for decades while the world has changed. Plus, his pride was forever recieving blows. Chivalry, it seems, at least where Lucern is concerned, is NOT dead, and it wouldn't have killed Kate to let him carry the bags every now and then or push the damn trolley. Hell, I wouldn't say no if they were offering! I also kept hoping in the beginning that he would simply toss Kate out on her ass instead of putting up with her, because, as I've mentioned, she was extremely annoying.

Apart from the issues I had with the heroine and certain aspects of the h/h relationship (for example Kate being snotty about Lucern not contacting her when SHE was the one who snuck away and actively avoided him) this was a very enjoyable book. The banter between the characters was witty and hilarious, and the opening with the 'correspondence' between Kate and Lucern was so funny, I was laughing for ages. The scene with the codpiece was one of my favourites, and I really liked the character of Jodi.

This is the first Lynsay Sands book I've read, and the first Argeneau I've read, and I will continue to read them, although I do hope that the "Kate" model heroine isn't a recurring theme. As I mentioned, aside from my dislike of Kate, it's a great novel. It's well paced, and it was great seeing Lucern discover TV, and the stuff that's on it.

I'd recommend it to Paranormal fans, and anyone who's curious about the series. I'll also rate it as a 3.5, with the rating brought down by Kate.

I apologise to anyone who did like Kate, I was just turned off from when she rocked up at Toronto, and nothing she did could turn me around. She couldn't even let the sex happen! She had to keep thinking and re-thinking, and re-thinking, and all I could this was, 'Just make up your mind already!
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Lynsay Sands
“ 'Dear Mr. Argeneau,'" she began. " 'I haven't read Love Bites, One, but I will, I guarantee it. I just finished Love Bites, Two, and thought it was wonderful. Etienne was so sweet and funny and sexy that I fell in love with him even as Rachel did. He's my dream man.'" Kate paused and glanced up expectantly. "What would you say to those letters?"
That was easy enough. "Etienne is taken."
-Kate and Lucern”
Lynsay Sands, Single White Vampire

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