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Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Apr 13, 14

it was amazing
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Read from December 22, 2011 to January 07, 2012

It's still a 5-star read and listen though I just have to say I wanted to punch Meg at the start, when she dissuaded Lucy from going through with her wedding. That entire portion, which, in my mind, stretched way back to where the hell was Meg when Lucy decided to marry Ted. Having no money to take a flight to visit her friend is just too lame an excuse. If they were such good friends that Meg could take it upon herself to prevent (at the 11th hour, no less!) to halt the wedding, surely they were good enough friends that Lucy would know the straits Meg was in? Big hole for me in the story there.

But I chose to let that go and was soon immersed in Meg's battle for survival in Wynette. This reread had me admiring Meg but also angry with her because what Ted said towards the last part of the book - giving his side of things, was very, very valid and enough reason for anyone not to meddle in even your best friend's relationship. Even more so when this was the first time Meg met Ted! I'd better not dwell on that or else this will end up a 2-star review:0

...too late. I think I hate this book. I can't stand women like Meg. I'd never have a Ted marrying me because I could never be a Meg, good and bad parts of her.

And now, having enough of small town life and romance, I'm in the mood for murder.

This is my 5th try at posting a review for this book but each time something happened to interrupt and I ended up losing what I typed. Last try.

Critics, even fans, may charge SEP with using the same old basic plot for all her books. Since it's been years I last read her, I can't recall any of them except that I sorta liked them but didn't love them because I'm not a sports fan and even less a fan of sportsman heroes. I remember reading Fancy Pants when it first came out in 1989 but that was 23 years ago so I can be forgiven for remembering only the title and nothing about the story. If CMI has the same plot premise - down-and-out heroine makes good, bags the sexy, rich hero, then I'm going to love rereading it.

CMI was a treat from the start and I liked that Ted's inner workings was kept until the final lap of the story. It helped make Meg's situation more acutely uncomfortable and it made Ted one romance hero I seriously wanted to beat to a pulp. I've said it before - I hate watching TV soap but I love reading them.

I don't remember any of the other characters even though I remember the titles of their books and know I've read them. So, because I enjoyed CMI so much, I went and bought every Wynette, Texas book in e-format to reread even though I still have the mass paperbacks somewhere.

I started on Fancy Pants last night because Dallas Beaudine (Ted's father) caught my attention here, in CMI, 23 years later. Since I don't remember a thing about the book, it'll be a treat to reread. In fact, for some reason, Dallie appealed to me more than his son in CMI.

There aren't that many contemporary romance authors that are autobuys for me these days but SEP has rejoined the ranks of Julie James and Rachel Gibson in my list.
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ElaineY I was worried this DRM ePub would turn out like the eHarlequin ones - unreadable on my device - but this was a good one.

The book itself? Kept me awake all night. All I did was took a break from the MM story I'm reading and I was a goner. I wouldn't be able to go back to the MM one - no comparison at all!

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