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Jealousy by Lili St. Crow
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Jan 26, 2011

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bookshelves: urban-fantasy, young-adult
Read from January 26 to 28, 2011

First - and this has NOTHING to do with the writing - can I just say that I'm not a fan of the cover? I really loved the cover on the first book, and now I feel like I'm looking at some Twihard fanfic piece of flotsam rather than a work in its own right. Makes me sad.

Second - and this also seriously bugged me but is NOT the author's fault - the copy on the back... who wrote that? Because honestly, it has nothing to do with the plot of this book. This whole "Graves and Christophe must put aside their struggles or Dru will die!" idea *never* appears within the book itself, though there are bits and pieces of love triangle-ish maybe going on in the book.

As for the book itself - I got very tired of sections from books 1 and 2 being basically cut and pasted into book 3 (this also happened in book 2, by the by). I doubt it would have bothered me quite so much if there'd been any kind of gap between me reading each of these, but having read all three in one week, it was a bit much.

I do still like Dru as a female character. She's not super girly (but if she starts crying, then complains about how girly crying is one more time...), she's got this harder side to her, and she's all good with that. I love girls that aren't... well... GIRLS (if I had a flowery, curly script that was pink and sparkly, I'd use that. You'll have to settle for capital letters here instead). Neo-feminine or whatever you want to call it.


I'm warning you now, if you're a bit slow on the uptake then there may be some spoilers following this text. I'm not marking it, since, well... it was stuff I mostly knew in book 2, and the rest is revealed pretty early in this book. You have been warned.


Oh, Anna. How I seriously dislike where you went in this book. I mean, she was a super-feminine cloud of insanity before, but you spent time wondering what her driving force was. And let's be honest here - was there ever ANY doubt in anyone's mind that she was bad news and villain material from the get-go? No? Didn't think so. But I thought maybe she might be more interesting than just "your mom stole my boy, and now YOU'VE stolen my boy, and Wahhhh, I'm angry". Seriously. There were a few other bits and pieces that made her *slightly* more interesting, but when I realized this was going to be her motivation for everything, I just about threw my book across the room. Or would have, if I weren't reading it on an e-reader. God, that made me miss my paperbacks.

Now, I said in my warning that this info about Anna is revealed pretty early on in book 3 - and it is, but much like books 1 and 2, Dru seems to forget what she knew left and right. That girl has a sieve for a brain, I'm telling you. Though in this particular case, it's specified that she doesn't want to remember this, so she buries it. Still, the reveal comes repeatedly throughout the book, Dru keeps remembering or almost remembering, and each time she gets all angry and screamy and... I started to get a bit frustrated with the girl at that point, especially when she hit points of remembering but not wanting to share, so trying not to remember. It sounds confusing as I write it, and it was just as confusing in the book.

And yet, and yet. The book actually read a bit more smoothly than the last, in some ways. But those loose ends from book 2, or things that the author basically keeps promising will return (like those wooden blades... or 5 million other things) remain lost, while other "this is a cool detail" items keep building up only to be abandoned. It makes me more and more frustrated with an author who should have gained a bit more of her sea legs by this point.

All told... It was the same as the last two - a fast, easy read when you don't want to put a whole lot of brain power into your book. Would I recommend the series? Probably not. But will I read the next book myself? Yeah, I think I will.
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