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Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere by Mike Carey
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Jan 26, 11

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With all of the fantastic imagery, bizarre characters, and crazy situations that Gaiman initially cooked up in “Neverwhere,” it seems that this story was almost made for becoming a comic book. Much of the descriptions in the original had a bit of a cartoon quality in my own mind to begin with, so seeing those images drawn into the graphic novel was not a big leap. In a way, the comic is a great alternative for anyone with a lazy imagination (come on, we are all prone to that laziness once in a while).

Even so, the essence of the original story is captured in this graphic novel: Poor Richard Mayhew lives a dreary life, and he could say that his life had just turned from bad to worse, or he could he be grateful for a drastic change that is not only dangerous and completely confusing, but also adventurous.

Yup, all of those important bases seem to be covered in this comic book version, making for an easy homerun. Of course, with a shortened version, readers have to expect some omissions (like the character Lamia), but none of the story is actually distorted. Honestly, the only thing that seems to be lost is the reader’s close connection to the characters.

In a shorter work of fiction, it is naturally more difficult to familiarize or attach myself to a character in such a brief page count. How well do you know someone from just a couple of meetings? But, that may just be the casualty of reading comics - a small price to pay for readers looking for a shortened version of a novel.

Admittedly, novels have so much more meat to a story compared to a comic book. While I still feel that comics (yes, even this one) are snacks compared to the full meal, sometimes all people have time for is something brief. In which case, I highly recommend this graphic novel for those who only have time for a quick bite.

-EZ Read Staffer Amelia

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