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A Walk in the Snark by Rachel  Thompson
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Jan 28, 11

it was amazing
Read in January, 2011

Ok, I must confess, when I got an advance copy of this truly funny, well written and insightful collection of perspectives from "Our Lady of the Redheads" (@RachelintheOC on Twitter) I thought, "Okay, here we go...) I'm a guy so, like most guys I'm, like,: "What?", with that blank look and a trace of fear and rebellion in my eyes...But, Rachel cleverly had me by the first few sentences so I had to read on, if for no other reason than to gain insight to the updated doctrine of woman-ness so I could run back to the man-camp and breathlessly tell my fellow mens what "they" were up to and what "they" wanted. Since it involved taboos like cooking and dishes and, MUCH worse stuff. So, after reading this thing I laughed, read, then laughed some more. It wasn't till the end that I found myself thinking, "Ya know - she's right!", then I realized she had me, she had gotten to me and I didn't even know it till the end.
"You're good," I say waggling a finger at her red hair, "You're good!"
Fellow mens, I don't know what to say, just read this thing and you'll see why I have raised the white flag in the man-camp I control. And, do us ALL a favor, as men, Please Please - throw away - (yes right now) any and all "golf pants" (especially if they're lime green).

Thank you - That is all.

Here's my original review posted in all the best reviews spots on the web:
Please read this it took me all day to write it! Thank you so much.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.
For the first time in a LONG time, upon reading the very latest from the upwardly mobile west coast suburban mind of "Our Lady in the OC" - I laughed. I just plain laughed.
Words like "Manesia", (I think I have that, often, and the doctor says it's permanent, with me), "Refrigeratoritis" and other brilliant new terms (which I believe will become part of 21st century Americana speech) all come under her own trademarked heading of "The Mancode" and a new and shadowy term and/or secret society she calls: "Chickspeak."
Underneath her "snarky" witty perspective and very clever writing is, I think....a true desire on Rachel's part to change the world, one guy at a time.
So, let the training begin! Wait...What? (guy panic, I'm ok now)
I must announce at this point that I have resolved, Thanks to Ms.R, to be "the man" and actually change the toilet paper roll from now on. Hamper etiquette and other "guy" "rights" were battles long ago fought and LOST, by yours truly. I keep quiet, I cook, take out the trash and do laundry. I even surrender the remote, on occasion. I think Rachel might be very pleased.
(I'm working on the anniversary thing....I swear!)
Rachel's love of 80's rock is quite endearing, as is her instructional manual for women, regarding "war paint" and other personal issues. P.S. - I know what a "Chanel" is: It's ESPN, Discovery and Spike TV, right? Right?
As a guy, I'd rather shovel snow naked in Siberia than have dinner at the "in-laws", though in our case it's just dear old "Mom" (argggg, I just bit my tongue..), but...I do.
Chick Time? Huh? What?
Lists? Huh? What?
Rach- can I call you Rach? Rach has her own way of covering the bases of life from her very own place in the sun. She freely dispenses her lofty wisdom to both men and women with both humor and a hint of an edge that makes a guy not want to mess with her.
Shopping? Huh? What? (guy panic again...I'm ok now)
Of Rachel's 4 types of "male" shoppers I think I'm the closest to "Mr. Happy."
And, SPS is not an affliction I posess. Wohooooo!
Could you speak up please? My "selective hearing" is acting up again..HAH!
"M.A.N. Disease" is an epidemic here in the U.S.! (I did not know that...)
It goes on and on.
Closet space? Uhhhh, we have a closet?
Prada? Isn't that near Cleveland?
Dinners out, Christmas trees. "Her Redness" covers subjects fearlessly.
Finally folks, Rach, I gotta tell ya - I will/can never look at a "coffee maker" the same way again. EVER.
Hmmmm, I wonder if they come in red?

Rachel, "The Mancode Maven," has a heart for battered women and kids and is involved with these issues, locally. Rachel gives us a "no-holds-barred" insight to her trek here on earth, including opening her heart and discussing a true, and, what must be for her, extremely painful story about someone she loved very much. She's a founding member of the "Indie Book Collective" and is a feature player in a great and very well done indie author tour called "Blog Tour de Force". All available through the links associated somewhere herein.
Ladies - "THE BEST OF RACHELINTHEOC: A WALK IN THE SNARK" - a collection of Rachel's best stuff, should be at the top of your "recommended readin'" list for you and your guymanperson. Maybe it should even be a required reading "manual" for marriage. I'm pretty sure it could solve ALL the problems couples face, stop global warming and result in a true and lasting world peace. If nothing else it'll make you think, laugh, think, and laugh some more.
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message 1: by K.C. (new)

K.C. I will have to pick up a copy. I wouldn't mind learning man speak. Thanks for the review.

Daniel Audet Hi K.c. I hope you do it's really a cool funny look at everyday life. Rachel is the Chickspeak and Manspeak expert!

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