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Stolen by Lucy Christopher
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Before reading Stolen

So this book is a letter to Ty. So she's talking TO him throughout the whole book, not just retelling the events that happened to her. I think I like that. It makes it intriguing, and much, much more personal. This book seems to leave readers feeling really conflicted. A kidnapper in love with the young girl he abducted? I feel that my heart is breaking even now. For no matter how much he may love her, what he did was wrong, and they shouldn't even be together. Just my thoughts from not even reading the book yet. Certainly sounds like a moving, trying novel, that really lets us see into the characters minds.

After reading Stolen. May contain some spoilers

Oh Stolen, you conniving, twisted, captivatingly conflicting book. How could you do this to me? I should not feel sympathetic to Ty. He is mental, sick. He stole Gemma, kept her in the middle of nowhere so that she could be with him, be away from the world. He thought that was what she wanted, that she would eventually realize this. How could he? What he did was wrong, yet you, Stolen, have turned me not against him. You have made a kidnapper’s mind slightly understandable in my eyes. But Ty isn’t quite a realistic kidnapper. He genuinely cares for Gemma, he took her to save her, to be with her, not to exact some sick, twisted act of cruelty on her. He never hurt her, her body at least. I didn’t think I could be so moved. But even as I read, and came to see into his mind, I realized the twisted state of it, his wrong, ill judged thoughts and reasoning’s of the world, and I hated him for it. Like Gemma. But like Gemma, I saw the side of him that took me brutally captive, tearing up my heart and pouring venom on it. The side, that perchance if he had had a different upbringing, a different look and view of the world and people, I would have found endearing, sweet even. That side is deeply buried inside him, and on very rare, very clouded occasions you can catch a vague glimpse of that. And you wonder, what if, what if Ty and Gemma had met under different circumstances, with different stories and backgrounds, could there have been love found between them? An undeniable, strong, true love that would make sense and feel so right, and there would be no doubts, no fears, no conflict, no occurrence of the kidnapping creating a chasm between them, squelching any chance, any hope for that kind of love to bloom and grow? But it did happen. Ty stole Gemma, and with it, the chance of anything happening between them.

Love can be found anywhere, in the most unlikely places. It’s the way you greet it that allows something majestic and beautiful to come from it. If faced wrong, with the wrong intentions, it will dissipate, it will scatter into the open air, and will never be able to reform.

Stolen stole my heart and broke it. It was heartless, heartfelt, twistedly endearing. Lucy Christopher, I should hate you for doing that, for writing such a book. But it was so real, so heartbreaking, thrusting me into the characters minds, making me understand them, and feel for them, so I love you for it.
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0.0% "Well, here goes. Heart, prepare to be torn apart."
02/22/2011 page 66
22.0% "Gosh, already this book is heartbreaking, and scary, and sad, and endearing, and a little hopeful, but in a twisted way. How is that possible? You can't possibly feel all those conflicting emotions, and for a kidnapper? Please tell me I'm not crazy!" 1 comment

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message 2: by Sandy (new) - added it

Sandy This is next on my to-read list. I've put off reading it for so long because the premise sounds pretty heart-wrenching and a little creepy, but everyone keeps saying how good it is.

Erica (daydreamer) I've heard so many good things about it, and yeah, that it's heartbreaking. But everyone seems to love it, so I decided I would try it.

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