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Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balogh
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** spoiler alert ** Mary Balogh is the kind of author who can write the same story and make it different each time.
The plot is very much like her usual stories - a strange meeting, a fake betrothal, romance and slowly falling in love, scared to admit feelings, finally getting married in a fairy tailish way. It was all too similar, but very, very interesting to read at the same time.
Undoubtedly Freyja is a character to behold in very high esteem. She had once said that she was born in the wrong era. How true it was and yet it was her difference from the other characters that made her stand out! I have to say Freja was a modern day superwoman. I loved the way she disobeyed the rules, stood by her own judgement, fought for what she wanted. Yet what I admired most in her was her uncanny ability to punch anyone and everyone. It is not every book I pick that has a heroin who loved to be amidst a fisticuff. She was not the polite, petite, all-too-pretty-for-her-own-good type of female. She is strong, fiercely loyal and willing to take chances. Lastly, I love her name. It is a perfect name for such a unusual Bedwyn!
Josh is a very likable character. He is not much different from other characters I have read, but despite it all, I felt he made an excellent match for Freyja. He could match her wit for wit, challenge her beyond her boundaries and suited her temperament perfectly. Although this one of those books where I liked the female character more than the male character .
I had started reading the Simply Series first. It was then I decided I wanted to read Lady Freja's story and Wulf's story as well. How glad I am to finally get my hand on this book!

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Mary Balogh
“There had to be a reason why they were not going to marry. They had both been so adamant about it.
What the devil was the reason?”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Scandalous

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