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Lottery by Patricia Wood
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Feb 02, 2008

it was amazing

I just finished reading LOTTERY! I was thinking of three writers as I was reading it: Charles Dickens and Annie Proulx and John Irving. I was thinking of Annie Proulx and John Irving, because the language of the characters is so real and honest, and yet there is something unreal about them as well--not in a bad way, of course! And that's where Dickens comes in, I think. Ms. Wood's characters seem to be completely evil or completely good as are Dicken's characters, for the most part. The only exception in the LOTTERY is probably David. And then I was thinking about the state of fiction in general and I was then thinking that a lot of Irving's and Proulx's characters have that same quality of good or evil with little gray area. I don't think the world is that way at all, but I think fiction should be that way. I think we need more fiction like Ms. Wood's fiction, not because it's uplifting--which it is--but because there is some kind of ringing truth in the words spoken by the characters and then you want to be like those people and know those kind of people. I'm not sure I know anyone like the character's in Ms. Wood's wonderful novel, not really, I think there is much more gray out there in the world, but I sure as hell would like to know people like hers. That is for certain.
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