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Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead
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Jan 25, 2011

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Read from March 18 to 20, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Iron Crowned begins with Eugenie, and Dorian, King of Oak Land, and Eugenie's bondage addicted boyfriend, fighting a war with the Rowan Queen Katrice. The war is in response to Dorian's killing of Katrice’s rapist son Leith, who wanted to impregnate Eugenie and be the father of her prophesized demon seed that conquers the mortal world.

As we know, Eugenie became the Thorn Queen after killing King Aeeson and then making his land into Thorn Land ala her land. She also found out that she has a sister, 15 year old Jasmine, who actually became one of the more likeable and bright spots of all the characters this time around. It now appears that Jasmine is fully backing Eugenie's rule, and it has a lot to do with Leith's actions. We also know that due to the time Genie is spending in Otherworld, her relationship with her step-father Roland is strained to the point where he isn’t speaking to her. Thankfully, her mother is being a mom, and not turning her back on her.

With Eugenie going thru a hard time understanding the concept of war, and trying hard to live in two worlds at the same time, a suspicious character named Masthera, who is a seeress, tells her about the so called Iron Crown, which can bring Katrice to her knees. This is the same crown that her father, the Storm King tried to find, but failed to do so because he is a gentry, whereas Eugenie is of both worlds, and thus able to stand Iron.

Dorian, refuses to allow Eugenie to take Jasmine along on her journey, and instead, insists she take Kiyo. Kiyo, of course, agrees, even though everyone who has read this book knows you can't trust him. Along for the trip are also a ghost named Deanna, who has been asking for Eugenie's help in finding her killer (which she does later in the story), and Volusian, the cursed spirit who is bound/slave to Genie and wants her dead in the worse way so that he can torture her soul.

Eugenie is tested, and wins against a Liches, or a necromancer with some serious powers. Upon winning, Liches tells Genie that the Iron Crown allows the wearer to break the bond between monarch, and land, and with enough power, can control half of the gentry land. In other words, she will be even more powerful than her own father, the Storm King.

Eugenie, naturally, throws a tantrum and hissy fit when she realizes that Dorian has misled her the entire time. Well, yeah, and DUH! You really don't think Dorian has his own agenda? For someone who hated the Gentry, she fell hard for Dorian's nonsense. Feeling betrayed, and lied to, she does the only thing she knows how; she has sex with Kiyo as payback.

Volusian had already told Eugenie that Dorian's agenda comes before anyone else’s, so, she shouldn't be surprised that this happened. She also shouldn't have trusted Kiyo either (as Jasmine explained), but alas, she falls back into the helpless maiden routine.

Naturally, when Eugenie and Kiyo get back to Dorian's with the crown, he realizes almost immediately that she's betrayed him by sleeping with Kiyo, and revokes his hospitality to her. Dorian, seriously? You send her off with Kiyo and expect that nothing will happen, especially when you withheld information about the powers of the Iron Crown from Genie? Then you have the nerve to feel hurt?

Of course, now with Dorian out of the picture, Kiyo and Genie find themselves re-engaged. All is going swimmingly well, except the fact that Katrice is refusing to concede that the war is over and Genie has the Iron Crown. Katrice then kidnaps Jasmine. Kiyo, Genie and an assassin named Imanuelle, sneak into Katrice’s land and rescue Jasmine.

In a final battle, Eugenie uses the Iron Crown and breaks Rowan Land from Katrice and makes it hers. Now she is the queen of both Thorn and Rowan lands. Jasmine tells Genie that she wants to go home, and not to Thorn Land, but to Tucson. The sisters form a sort of restrained friendship, which was nice to see.

Then comes the shocker of the book. Eugenie finds herself in the doctor’s office, feeling run down and drained. The doctors run a few tests on her and she's freaking pregnant with twins. Both Jasmine and Genie are horrified at the news, but it gets even worse when Kiyo finds out, and suddenly finds himself having to do sneak off and see his ex Maiwenn, and tell her what's happening. FYI, supposingly the antibiotics she was taking for her injuries, caused the birth control pills to fail to protect her against getting pregnant.

**A Medical Truth* In general, this is a true fact. If you go to, you can find the truth behind this. I thought it was a fallacy at first, but Mead actually did her research correctly. Well done.

Genie demands a test to see if the babies are boys, or girls. Shocker, she is having one of each! Kiyo, who previously had scratched her arm, and thus can track wherever she goes, storms into the office, and a confrontation ensues, with Kiyo demanding that Eugenie come with him to Maiwenn’s to abort the babies. Genie and Jasmine flee to Roland’s home, and he tries to intervene. Genie creates a gate that ends up right in front of Dorian, and pleads for hospitality. Kiyo arrives and is foaming at the mouth demanding that Dorian give Genie to him, or else Maiwenn will go to war with him. Not said, but surely implied. Dorian agrees to protect both Jasmine and Eugenie, and tosses Kiyo out of his kingdom.

In the end, Dorian tells Genie that if she were to say that the babies were his, they would get his protection, and Kiyo wouldn’t have a leg to stand on since he wanted them aborted. Dorian also informs Genie that neither she nor Jasmine can’t go back home to Tucson, or they will be prime targets for Kiyo, and that she’s more gentry than a human now.

Final thoughts: I think we all begged Ms Mead not to have Kiyo and Eugenie end up together, but she did anyway, and now look where we are. Just like the Vampire Academy series, and Georgina Kincaid, Mead believes that her female leads shall have angst and heart break and have to choose, right or wrong, who she wants to end up with.

I still don't fully trust Dorian, but at least he didn't try to drag Genie to his ex for an abortive procedure just because the boy baby could well be the prophesized destroyer of the earth. I knew from the moment Volusian told Eugenie in Storm Born that neither man was for her and that both would always be for themselves first, that Volusian of all people (or spirits in this case) was the one to listen to! Even Jasmine was correct in not trusting Kiyo, and she's 15 years old!

I'm just hoping that Eugenie 4 is better written and gives me a heroine that I can like better. One who is less reactive and more contemplating. More mature and less annoying; which in this book, she was.
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Emma Thanks for much for this review. I'm still in the middle of this book, but I'm feeling awfully frustrated at how things are turning out! There's just too much drama.

Shelley You are very welcome.

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