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Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher
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Oct 23, 2014

it was amazing
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Read on August 19, 2011

** spoiler alert ** WOW!! I wish I had read this earlier! I LOVE this book. Can't wait to read the others.
It was fast-paced, just the right amount of romance (can't abide really romantic books!) and plenty of action and twists.
Kealdra is awaken by a strange and powerful storm one night, and in it she can hear voices. She is living with Elythians, which she herelf is not and most think she is a trouble-bringer. After the storm, her youngest sister gets very sick and her Granmyr tells her that only dragon milk will cure her. SHe also says that the storm was a sign that a clutch of dragon eggs have hatched. Kealdra finds the dragons and makes a bargain with the mother for milk. Soon, her sister is better, but another problem comes. Angry farmers from which the mother dragon has been taking livestock from, kill the dragon, leaving the draclings in Kealdra's care. She is told by her Granymr to take them to where the dragons can be called from. Kealdra is the only one who can do this, because she is descended from a line of dragon-speakers. Along the way, she is chased by a young dragon-slayer, an apothecary, and the men who want to eradicate the dragons. In the end, after many twists, betrayals, and sorrow, the draclings go with their kyn to the realm of the dragons.

Ok, in the beginning, I totally hated Jeorg. He seemed too nice and pressuring. Even when he was starting to change, I was still wary. But, when it said that Kealdra married him, then I warmed up to him. It took me that long.

Embyr is hilarious! Always the instigator and never listens to Kealdra.
The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were very neat too, and explained stuff that happened in the book. Kealdra was a very well developed character that one can easily identify with. Although I don't think that most of us come in contact with dragons!


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