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A.D. by Josh Neufeld
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Jan 25, 2011

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Read on January 22, 2011

When you hear the name Katrina, what do you think? I always remember Hurricane Katrina and the horrors of the destruction in FL and New Orleans. I followed the saga on the news, donated $$ to help the people I heard were stuck in the Superdome without food or water--and I was disgusted with the local, state, and federal (Good job Brownie!)agencies and leaders.

The story of a handful of real people is told in this graphic novel. Do you think comic book when I say graphic novel? Please don't. Newsweek said it best, "Raw and painful, down to the detailed depictions of ruined homes and the frenzied dialogue among friends." The artwork is very good and makes it easier to get the story without having to read a lot words. Rats swimming through the water when some of the people you care about are also in the water--ewww--gives me the creeps!

Did you ever know anyone that constantly complained about everything and always had a scowl on her face? I use the past tense because by now you have hopefully been able to find a way to get away from that person. Unfortunately there is a character in this book like that. Yes, she did have a lot to complain about, but she is the last person you would want to be trapped on Survivor Island with. If not for her, I would have appreciated (I can't say enjoyed) this book more and would have given it a higher rating. All of the other characters were much more likable and easier to relate to.

The book does raise many questions that it does not seek to answer, maybe there are no answers. I can't even understand why anyone would want to live in New Orleans, especially without the means to get away in an emergency. Many of the people stuck there were poor and lived there all of their life, but I could never accept that for myself. Why didn't the mayor call for evacuation sooner? People went to the Superdome with nothing! When I go away for a weekend, I have a case of water in the trunk, snacks for all, and reservations at the Holiday Inn Express. Then I realized that Katrina hit at the end of the month and many people had nothing left to take. Why didn't the Mayor load up the buses according to the Plan? Maybe they never planned where to take the people. And why didn't the Governor proclaim a state of emergency to open the way for the Feds to help. And what was wrong with FEMA? What a mess!

I read also Zeitoun, about another man that rode out the storm in New Orleans, and would highly recommend that book.


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Lisa I had never heard of Pekar. I just checked him out on Good Reads--I love his picture! Perfect for a graphic novel artist!

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