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Entice by Carrie Jones
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Jan 25, 2011

really liked it
Read from January 25 to 26, 2011

Entice definitely upped the stakes for this series. If you read my review for the previous installment, Captivate, you will recall how I was disappointed in the flow of the story and development of the characters. I’m pleased to say that my faith in this series has been redeemed enough to carry on with the adventures of Zara, Astley and Nick for more novels to come.

First of all, the cover of Entice has to be my favourite out of the three published so far. As I began reading this book, I thought it would be the final chapter in Zara White’s story. I was surprised that it was left ‘open’ and that the war did not come full circle. After a bit of research (not much, just heading over to Goodreads) I found out that there is a fourth book coming later this year.

When closing the previous book, Captivate, I wasn’t quite sure if I was invested enough in this story to continue it. Of course, I wanted to read Entice because it just seemed reasonable to finish a three part series when I was so close to doing so, and the plot was picking up, but had I heard there were to be more than three books, would I have chugged on?

I don’t really know to be honest. But, after literally just closing the book and booting up the computer, I think I’m quite happy to press on with this series. Entice was such a big improvement in my opinion. While we still get flashes of the ‘old’ Zara, the new and improved one is a whole lot better. Her relationship with Astley remains interesting; full of great banter, self-realization and a great tale of two unlikely friends now not so unlike. Does that make sense?

Although Zara’s motives are fuelled by her love for Nick, she has grown up a considerable amount (which I was sorely hoping for) and I didn’t grit my teeth so much when dealing with her bursts of sixteen-year-old stupidity.

The (spoiler warning!) deaths of some of the more pivotal characters shocked me and I’m still not sure if they were essential to the story (at times it just felt so random!) but hopefully these events will give some age to the characters and also give them the power to fight when it comes down to the ‘big battle’, which I’m guessing will happen in the next book.

I enjoyed Zara’s trip to Valhalla and found it to be one of the more exciting parts of the book. Her and Astley’s trip to Iceland was so very strange and random, I’m still not sure if it was really ‘needed’. Astley, however, remains to be my favourite character and their strange meeting with his lunatic of a mother stands out as one of the more memorable chapters. That woman sure does love her clocks!

Pixie kings are so damned sure of themselves, so I’m sure something will be going down with the kiss Astley and Zara shared after her transformation. I’m curious as to how this is going to play out and this is probably my main point of interest when continuing these books. I was hoping to see a lot more of Cassidy. Although she was there for most of the action, I would really love to get a handle on her and her story.

Overall, I enjoyed Entice and urge you to read it if you are unsure about this series after Captivate!

Recommended to: I recommend this series as a light read to all fans of faerie stories. Personally, I get a little tired of reading too many ‘fae’ related YA novels all at once but this is reasonably easy to digest compared to others. While there is lore, there isn’t too much to baffle your brain.

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