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The Secret of Ka by Christopher Pike
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Jan 28, 11

Read from January 24 to 28, 2011

** spoiler alert ** i have been a fan of christopher pike since about two years ago. back then, i was still in secondary school. i can still remember the first time i held a pike book in the school's library, kind of wary because of the lame cover. read it and was immediately hooked. so was some of my friends. we made it a kind of mission to read all the pike books in our school's library, and we did. in a few months.

so imagine my surprise when i saw this book in the national library! i got so excited i think i jump around a little. here was another pike book, right in front of me, all glossy and new. without any hesitation, i borrowed a friend's library card (since i've used up the 12-books limit) and went home smiling.

i was so so so disappointed.

mr. christopher pike, please do your research before publishing a book. muslims don't pray in the toilet, what more a bathtub?! oh and if amesh was that much of a good muslim, like he wouldn't look at sara properly just because of her wearing a tank top and shorts and was even shy to use her freaking hotel room's bathroom, he wouldn't do half the things he did! there was just so many inconsistencies, i couldn't bother listing them all. it's like, amesh's religion, islam, is SUCH a huge part of who he is. it's kind of distracting to the story. (oh who am i kidding, it is!)

basically, there were a lot of moments when i think, "what the eff?" while reading this book. but hey, whatever right? just a story. gimme a break!

but it wasn't all bad. it was okay if you read it without thinking too much. but ugh i practically skimmed this book just cause it was so boring. i have been let down big time. thanks a lot, mr. pike!

PS: giving 2 stars only because all those pike books i've read before have given me so much pleasure.
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Novia Raihanah eh my brother needs to read that for school. so please please tell me how it goes please~~

Nurshafiqa uh what? lol i'm only in page 8.

Novia Raihanah oh oh and the book thief. remember that?
should i recommend it to him?

Nurshafiqa YES YES YES!
possibly my favoritest book ever.
get ready to seriously cry and sob and wail. not joking.

Novia Raihanah nice. i want to see him cry. thanks.

Nurshafiqa HAHAHAHA. you do just that!

Novia Raihanah ah. so he SHOULDN'T read it??

Nurshafiqa let's just say i wouldn't recommend anyone to read it.

Novia Raihanah oh wow. okay then.

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