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Eros Island by Lucinda Betts
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Sep 28, 2011

it was ok
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Read in January, 2011

Ok, I've had this book forever and finally got around to picking it up after checking readers review ratings. A lot of people thought it was HOT HOT HOT. (I should lend them my reading glasses.) I posted the following review on Amazon and wouldn't be surprised if it gets boo'd off...(well I did tone it down some)

************ SPOILER ALERT **************

3 short novellas, rating each separately I've averaged the book a solid 2 star rating.

1. CENTAUR HEART by Lucinda Betts - 3 Stars and the best of the lot.
I thought this story was interesting. The world created took place in an ancient time period, when goddesses lived, centaurs roamed and the elements were ruled by gods. I don't remember much of Greek mythology, but decided, yes, Centaurs would be bulls-eye shots with their arrows. This author did a fine job creating her characters. I felt I could easily picture them. For being short, it was done well, although the story encompassed only one big event. All the characters that were involved received great attention as to who they were, what they were about, and were easy to categorize by this reader (are they good, smokin hot, bad, or worse). And yes, the heat sizzled. From beginning to end, I felt the story was complete in spite of it's word length.

2. THE DREAM WELL by Dawn Thompson - 1 star
I didn't enjoy this story at all, but read it anyway because it's getting swapped as soon as I finish my review.
The story idea was a good one. But this author couldn't pull it off and blew it at the get-go. Her writing seemed disjointed to me, and very amateur. Scottish lore of the fey and the otherworld was the setting for this one. A Knight is the H who grew up on Scottish lore at his mother's knee. (Knights were English, right?). A Centaur was plopped in it also, along with goddesses, etc. I couldn't work up any interest in any of these characters, let alone the story.
The goddess of the well's main purpose was to have sex and more sex and enslave the captive with even more sex. The Centaur who is her consort watches, behind a tree no less, as she has sex with the captive knight whom she granted a wish to. Give me a dominate dangerous possessive Alpha anytime, but a male who stands hidden shooting his arrows randomly (well not randomly, he shot them threateningly) at the knight boinking his goddess? This is his big BAD Centaur self? And the knight the goddess of the well has enchanted with sex and more sex? He falls for a seal (yes, she's a selkie, he just "knows" this in spite of her whiskers and fins and a big furry coat. How does he know, because she has long lashed, soulful eyes and when she strokes him with her fin, well it is just so loving and sensual (LMAO here) (give me a break !!).
In spite of all the sex in this story, there was not ONE flicker of heat generated, or, enjoyment in reading the scenes. They were tiresome and boring.


3. THUNDERSTRUCK by Devyn Quinn - 2 1/2 stars. Really wanted to give it 3, but can't because the author compromised the potential of this short story.

While reading, it struck me that Ms. Quinn really has a talent for writing, but she wasted it in this one. What a shame.
The story begins as an artist has just completed her masterpiece sculpture in a marble likeness of a Greek god. Quinn's writing got my complete attention because it was done so well (in the beginning of the story). I was drawn to this artist heroine and then, BLAM, the story went to hell.
How? The marble comes to life and the interesting, warm, likeable artist sculpturor, who gave her heart and soul to creating this masterpiece...turns into a completely different individual. She is now a sex obsessed, libido centered, one dimensional character who I didn't give a sh_t about.

There was more sizzle and burn when the sculpture was marble then when it took on the persona of the man god.

Only upped the star rating to the 1/2 because I saw Devyn Quinn's talent at the beginning of her story. I so hated to see that talent wasted and her gift compromised in the last part with such lousey writing. I just couldn't give more.

One thing I learned - never read a professional Reviewer's reviews. Obviously the publishing companies have them in their back pocket.

I probably won't be reading anymore of this crap writing - going to have to filter my shelf and just start tossing.
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Sharon Jeanine ♥ Cheshire Catt ♠ wrote: "I love the bookshelf! :)"

I should have started it a long time ago. I have a few, actually more than that, that I'll be sticking in there. Although most I don't finish and those I do, well they are so bad I don't even want to recap on a review and waste more time on those books.

message 2: by Karla (new)

Karla Yup, the professional reviewers have got moneyvation to be positive about the worst crap!

I've noticed that the readers who don't love everything as a rule (those 4 & 5 star addicts) have harsher aka more fair views of these erotic anthologies. It seems like a lot of these short stories really are crap.

Sharon I rarely look at Amazon's reviewers opinions on books anymore. Learned I can't get an honest review, or a mature one at that.

Evelyn brought a BR discussion there to my notice a while back where a couple of .... (I don't know what they're called) I'll call them instigators, butted into a discussion with the most asinine shit comments. Apparently that behavior is common place now. Amazon isn't any good for nothin anymore other than picking up books I already know I want to read and can't find anywhere else.

message 4: by Karla (new)

Karla Yup, I never paid attention to the forums much (didn't know they existed until last year or so!). It's strictly a shopping site for me, nothing social. I don't even bother posting my reviews there anymore. The language nanny is ridiculous & it takes forever to figure out what the bad word is that the filter is having a seizure about.

Sharon "The language nanny"...way with words :D

I doubt anyone looks for an honest review there anyway, so why waste time! It seems only to be a platform now for lectures, opinions, morals and free analysis :D

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