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All Jacked Up by Lorelei James
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Jan 24, 2011

liked it

Ok so i feel the need to explain the reason why i read this book:)i got a new nook and in the nook store they had all these cheep or free books.this one was rated very high so i thought sure i'l read it..well come to find out it is some kind of erotica book:)::):)woweeee... it was like a porn with a sory, really it had a good story and i was totally into it, i mean we have all had a spot im sure for those cowboys in their wranglers riding in the rodeo or something right:)...but the story line keeps you interested.and the family it is about seems like a cool family,hard workers on a family farm etc,lots a love going around for each ther yada yada..then thrown in is these super hot love sessions:)
so i have to admit to all,it was a good, fun, enlightening read:)hehe.
so there you go,my review.and serious i think i ust may email it to ya alisha cause you can do that with he nook so when you are chillin on the beautiful beaches of hawaii and have a beer in your hands and want to zone out and read a sexy read where your brain doesn't have to work hard,,,this is it!hahaha

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