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Shade's Children by Garth Nix
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I remember this book from my youth primarily because of the phrase "tyrannical little shit," which at age 9 I thought was the most shocking thing ever written. It just blew my mind -- I couldn't even pay attention to the ending of the novel, because of the way I was just reeling from the terrible language.

Upon reread, it's... somewhat less shocking.

Also, I find I am still madly in love with the story in general. Crazed Overlords harvesting children's bodies and brains to power their twisted war machines? Yes please! Teenagers living in a submarine slowly growing to distrust their former-man-now-computer-program-turned-leader-of-a-revolution Shade? Even better! And Nix's decision to begin each chapter with an occasionally vague, occasionally terrifying list, or transcript, or stat sheet that shows exactly how scheming Shade actually is? Brilliant. Look at me, I've got goosebumps just from typing it.
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Karen Great review! I also read this when I was younger. The meat factory scared the hell out of me. The worst part was when I read about (view spoiler) For some reason, that had a huge impact on me.

Monica! Oh, seriously, eeuw. That was one that I had forgotten from the first read-around (I think the robot spider things were more terrifying to me, at the time) but that was SERIOUSLY disturbing upon reread.

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Sad Birthday. That's what I remember. Shudder.

Monica! Ceridwen wrote: "Sad Birthday. That's what I remember. Shudder."

Yeah, some authors stretch the destruction age out to sixteen, or seventeen, or eighteen. Not our badass friend Garth Nix. He kills his characters at fourteen.

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