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Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison
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Jan 31, 11

bookshelves: did-not-finish, paranormal
Read from January 24 to 31, 2011

** spoiler alert ** OK, I've taken a few deep breaths, and feel I can review this book without attacking the author.

First, let me say that I didn't finish this book. I might still, but not right now. I would become violent if I tried.

The plot on the back, Rachel fights the coven after being shunned is the plot in total. Nothing, and I mean nothing more happens to move the story along. I know that some characters are lost, some new ones appear, but that doesn't really move the plot along. At this point, I'm not real sure what the over-arcing storyline is supposed to be, and I really don't care.

One reviewer said it best when she said that this series needs a real leading lady and Rachel isn't it.

She still won't let herself have a normal relationship because of the dangers of her life. Seriously? What about those officers in the real world who are married? Do you think they don't worry about that? Grow up and get a pair...

She still is fighting her own self with the whole "I'm not a demon" crap. Who cares? You are a user. She uses Ivy's money and strength to support herself. She also uses Ivy as a barrier against any real relationship. She uses Jenks' loyalty and protection without offering either character anything in return. There seems to be one universal theme in this series: Rachel Morgan is a useless woman who takes everything I give, but just the joy of being around her is payment enough. Really?!? Really.

And the part about her pulling in the curse because she couldn't stand burning her trees (yes, trees) or killing the fairies who were trying to kill Jenks' family was rage-inducing. She was willing to take the risk that Jenks' family would die because even Ceri said they wouldn't survive such numbers just because she still wants to be a good girl?!? Get over it! If you love your friends so much, stop being a *@ssy and do what it takes to save them. I get you don't want to enjoy killing, but if it is necessary to save your family, you do what you need to do.

And I read the plot synopsis for the next book, and apparently she is traveling to Cali to get her shunning removed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She doesn't even get that resolved in this book? How many more long, torturous novels am I going to have to read before something, anything, gets resolved in this series?

Let's review -

1 - Ivy & Rachel's relationship resolved in 8 books? nope
2 - Rachel's trust issues resolved in 8 books? nope
3 - Rachel's life in danger issues resolved in 8 books? nope
4 - Rachel's relationship issues resolved in 8 books? nope
5 - Rachel's decisiveness taking an intelligent bent in 8 books? nope

Seem like too many unresolved issues to anyone else?

I'm done with this series. I'm not punishing Ms. Harrison or trying to exact revenge. I'm just done wasting my time on a heroine who is so brutally selfish, stupid, and immature with no desire to change because she doesn't have to since her friends think she is the greatest thing on two legs.

OK, rant over.
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01/24/2011 page 65
13.0% "Am I the only one tired of her not killing Nick just so there's still a bad guy in the world? Really getting sick of that." 2 comments
01/27/2011 page 178
37.0% "Seriously getting tired of Nick. And tired of Rachel's whole "who do I trust? do i love him?" come on. Get some backbone for yourself."
01/28/2011 page 256
53.0% "I am so sick of Rachel's guilt complex!! You can't stay neutral forever! If someone is trying to kill you, why would you risk those you supposedly love to save the killers? Grow up and stop whining!!"
01/31/2011 page 256
53.0% "I am so freaking mad right now I can't begin to review this crap! I didn't finish. I just read where she couldn't handle killing the fairies. I am literally raging at this book. I have officially read my first wall-banger."

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