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Bloody Valentine by Melissa de la Cruz
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Jan 24, 2011

it was amazing
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OK here's the thing. The book is basically about three short stories. Love stories. It was about Oliver Hazard-Perry and how he got over his love for Schuyler. It was also about Allegra Van Alen and her forbidden love for Schuyler's dad. And lastly, it was about the bond of Jack Force and Schuyler Van Alen. The book was actually good although i do have some complaints about Allegra's story.

**spoiler Alert**

*Oliver Hazard-Perry Story

it was cool that he finally got over Schuyler and in the story it was obvious that Oliver was in pain and that he loved sky so much he was willing to undergo de-familiarizing, which means that sky's blood will be extracted from his system and make him forget about Schuyler, who she is in his life. But he didn't go through with it. Instead he meets this witch, Freya, and broke his imprint with sky. just read the book for more details. It really was a short story so that's basically story number 1.

*Allegra Van Alen Story

So the story goes way back, when Allegra and Micheal were students. Allegra meets Bendix Chase and Micheal got so uber jealous, i mean who wouldn't, they were bondmates for crying out loud. So anyway, her story was really short. It left me hanging. It didn't explain how she ended up giving birth to two daughters -Bliss and Schuyler. Although when she performed the Sacred Kiss to Bendix she had this vision of lying like a veggie in a hospital bed and having a daughter named Schuyler and how her daughter grewee up without a mom and she was pretty sure that it was because of Bendix, Bendix was the father, and that's when she decided not to pursue her love for bendix for the visions not to come true. Now this got me confused. Coz according to the Keys to Repository, Schuyler's dad's name is SPENCER CHASE and not BENDIX CHASE. And wasn't it mentioned in Van Alen Legacy that Bliss' father was Lucifer, which means Allegra hooked up with him.

*Schuyler-Jack Bonding

Well, its pretty obvious what happens here. All i can say is that i'm glad BLiss and Oliver was invited. coz i missed Bliss so much in Misguided Angel.

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