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Pillar of Light by Gerald N. Lund
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Jan 04, 2009

did not like it

I have to say that I could only get 1/2 way through this. I love the idea of LDS church historical fiction, but I felt the characters weren't very real, and had no depth. The dialogue was the worst part. I'm ashamed every time I say it, but to be honest, I just couldn't get through these. Any thoughts?
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message 1: by Emo (new)

Emo The reason that I kept going with these was to reinforce what i'd learned about history of the church. I found it light reading, but you're right, the characters had little depth and if they "turned on their heel" one more time I would have thrown the books out the window.

don't feel bad.

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Never even attempted. Sorry no advice.

message 3: by Lori (new)

Lori I only finished the book because I can't start something and not complete it. I had expected a very well written book from all the recommendations but it was cheesy and average writing. I agree that the characters had no depth.

I love to learn history (especially that of my religion)and other LDS told me it was a great way to learn church history.
People should never read these books and think they are getting educated on LDS history. Stick with real history books published by LDS historians if you are seeking education.

If people want a light easy fictional read based on light history, this book will satisfy.

I am relieved to see others here who felt the same. My husband and I thought we were the only Mormons who didn't like this book.
I was afraid to even give my honest opinion of it and the reactions by some were offense. (as if I had been critical of the Bible or something)

It's ok to not like this book and still honor/appreciate our LDS ancestors. :)

carrie Shelley,

I read all nine of these when I was nursing Taylor (oh, to have all that time again). I am terrible at reading nonfiction, so I admit I learned a lot about church history, but it's hard when you don't know if the source is totally reliable.

I agree that the writing was not wonderful, but I still read all nine. I'm one of those that has to finish a movie or a book no matter how bad it is, because I have to find out what happens.

I do like Dean Hughes, though -- a lot.

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