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Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
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Oct 02, 15

Read in August, 2011

Beauty Queens was a (slightly) fun book to read. But it was also very, VERY frustrating!
At times I just wanted to scream: "Miss Teen Dreamers, CALM YO TITS!" Geeeeez! Definitely WAY too much estrogen in the air & poor me who forgot to bring an oxygen mask along got choked up in the process.


1. The book's hilarious! The "footnotes" were an absolute delight to read.
2. Tons of pop culture reference.
3. MoMo. Yes, I know he's the villain, the bad guy. And I hate him BUT he was just so over-the-top and absolutely ridiculous that I can't help but laugh at every single scene he's in! I'm cracking up just thinking about it right now.
4. I don't judge a book by it's cover. I judge a book by it's synopsis but you have to admit, the cover for Beauty Queens is pretty spiffy! I love how there are lipsticks in place of the ammunitions. Nice touch! =)


1. All those darn plot holes. I mean sure, these "plot holes" shouldn't even matter because that's not the whole point of the book but still!
2. I felt very disconnected to the characters. I just couldn't get myself to care or sympathize with them no matter how hard I try. I mean some were likeable but I just didn't really care that much, you know? I did really liked Tiara (Miss Mississippi) though. Sure, she's not the sharpest tool on the shed but she's kind & endearing. And I also really liked Taylor (Miss Texas) as well. She's crazy-obsessed with the pageant BUT she got the girls together & if it weren't for her, the girls would have been in far worse conditions.
3. The stereotyping. Yes, yes I know the "stereotypes" in the book were there to prove a point but it was so overdone & exaggerated that in a way, it has lost it's essence.
4. I didn't care much for the "commercial breaks". I felt like they were just in there to somehow "fill" the book.
5. The satire. I appreciate the fact that Libba Bray wanted the readers to realize just how ridiculous the media truly is & that we often fall victims to it's "ideal whatever" and all & and her shedding light to this issue is absolutely GREAT! But just like I've said in my previous entry with regards to the stereotyping of the characters, the satire in this book almost fell flat because it was so overdone to a point that it's intent of correcting, or changing the subject of it's satiric attack becomes lost & muddled along the way. The point is still somewhat there; the impact is just not as strong.

Now, for what REALLY bothered me about this book:

6. At times, it felt like someone (some smart a** with their "superior" thinking to be exact) was shoving down their OWN "ideals" & "notions" down my throat. It almost felt like I NEEDED to AGREE with these "ideals" & "notions" because If I didn't, then I am a perfect example of someone who has been brainwashed by the media and by society itself. I didn't even get the chance to think about any of it myself & make my own opinions on the matter because clearly, YOU'RE right & I'm wrong. *facepalm*

Me don't likey. Me don't likey at all. =(

All in all, Beauty Queens was an interesting read but it could have been better in my honest opinion. Funny, oh yeah definitely. Would I recommended it? Sure, only to see what you take away from it.

Cheers! =)

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Elizabeth Very fun review! I don't necessarily agree on the "shoving down ideals" because I felt like the author was just sending the message that we don't need to fit into someone elses mold or norm. I did feel like Adina was a bit too "You should think like more or I think you're stupid" which is REALLY annoying.

message 2: by Punica (last edited Aug 19, 2011 09:22AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Punica Hi & oh, thank you! ^_^

Ahaha oh my, I think I wasn't too clear with the whole "shoving down ideals" thing because I do agree with you & I do applaud and appreciate the author's effort into sending out that message as I've mentioned above. There were just times when..umm how do I put this? There were instances that I just didn't feel like we, as readers were allowed to think & make the conclusions ourselves because she's already set up the answers herself-- even if I did agree with her at times. The message just didn't come off as strong as it could have been. It felt a bit too one-sided at times. I think it would have been more effective if we were able to see both sides without prejudice & immediately deeming one side as "right" and the other side as "wrong". That way us, the readers, would have been able to make the conclusions ourselves instead of just being spoon-fed with the "right" answers. I'm probably making no sense right now, LOL!

Adina's a bit--no wait scratch that, VERY cynical. Annoying indeed. =)

message 1: by Rab (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rab I love reading reviews with point form. So refreshing and easy to read. Also I know it's a little late to recommend this but listen to the audiobook read by libba bray herself. It's great. Since I listened to it, there were some points - especcially some you brought up like commercial breaks -seemed to me that they would be difficult to enjoy and understand without hearing it.

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